Life got you down? At least you have a life unlike the man who gets on died, the jockey who gets kicked off, the girl who loses a cat fight, astronauts who suck the wrong hole, a girl who finds scary stories too frightening, a girl who faints at the site of blood gets bled, and a drug smuggler gets nutted.

Death #

"Event" Name Date Location Circumstances of Death
147 Night Stuck August 6, 2007 Salt Lake City, UT

A man attempts to escape prison. A guard whacks him in the neck and breaks it with a night-stick, killing him instantly.


Base Balled

May 8, 2002 Adelaide, South Australia A baseball player hits the ball, which flies and hits the hands of a man climbing the fence around the baseball field. The man lets go of the fence and falls 20 feet and lands on his back. He cracks his skull, crushes his skull, breaks his neck and severs his spinal cord, killing him instantly.
443 Shop Lifted April 9, 1997 Dallas, TX A abusive and aggressive shopper is pushing a shopping cart around a store extremely fast. The wheels of the shopping cart suddenly screen and haul. The woman flies of the shopping cart and cracker her skull and smashes her brain also damaging her ribs. She dies instantly upon impact.
59 Drug A-Dick-Ted April 21, 1975 Milky Way Galaxy A drug addicted who lives in an ice cream truck is snorting cocaine after chewing tobacco. A box of ruffles fall and lands on the druggies head, sending his cocaine straw up his nose. In a panic, he slips and lands on a heroine needle. The needle pierces his heart and the druggie dies of blood loss.

Drug Smugglers

July 8, 2002 Pittsburgh, PA A drug smuggler is running away from a police helicopter. He hides behind a destroyed car and the helicopter pilot goes to fire some machine gun bullets as a warning to freeze. However, the pilot was untrained, and instead of shooting the machine gun, he fired a rocket. The rocket blew up the inside of the car, burning and blowing up the drug smuggler and sending car parts into his body. The drug smuggler dies instantly from massive trauma and 4th degree burns.
670 Dinkler March 20, 2011 Norman, OK A female gardener is walking across a school field. She cuts her stomach open and walks across the field to get help. She trips and lands on a sprinkler. The sprinkler goes into her cut-open stomach, turns on and washes out her guts. She dies a slow and painful death from massive internal bleeding.

Dying Pan

August 7, 1996 Honolulu, HI An aggressive female cook gets mad. She throws her steaming-hot frying pan on the floor which had eggs in it. She goes to leave the kitchen, but slips on the eggs on the floor, lands with her face hitting the hot frying pan on the floor and gets knocked out. A minute later the frying pan melts her face off, heats her skull and melts her brain. She dies a slow and painful death by 4th degree burns to her face.

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