A Nigerian scam artist gets blown (away). A rapper gets "T-Pained"; an angry duke gets thrown into the drink, a spy tanks, a pervert goes off the deep end; tampered drugs do in a druggie; a failing actor gets blanked.

Death # Event Name Date Of Death Location Circumstances of Death
776 Nigeria 41-Died (aka Logged Offed) June 21, 1999 Lagos, Nigeria A shamed accountant decides to go to Nigeria to operate a scam. While working out the final details of his plan, his computer explodes due to the humidity.
112 Rapped Artist (aka T-Pained) October 21, 2009 San Francisco, CA An abusive rapper gets angry with his wife, so he goes to buy a gun to kill her. When buying the gun, he also gets high on cocaine. So, when he goes to kill her through drive-by, he misses his wife, and the bullet ricochets off of a pole, and strikes his jugular, causing him to bleeds out and dies.
880 Duke of Hazards (a.k.a Semi-Killed) August 9, 2001 London, England A selfish duke gets banished from the castle and forced to work at a chemical plant after he was caught running an illegal checking scam. While he was working one day, he tripped and fell into a septic tank full of toxic chemicals, he then inhales the sewage and it corrodes his intestines.
79 Tanked Up (a.k.a Bulldozed) January 2, 1996 Iraq A spy for the Iraqi army hides out with the US army to find out details of their plans. The unit gets called to a battle. In the chaos, the Iraqi spy gets knocked down, and gets run over by a tank.
499 Pervert Out (a.k.a Wanked) July 18, 2008 Trenton, NJ A pervert who uses a telescope and leans his head out the window to look over at the building next to his, where a stripper lives. On this day, one of the legs on the step-stool the pervert was standing on broke, causing him to fall out of the third-story window and land face first on his telescope, impaling his head, and busting his brains onto the cement.
324 Drugged Up (a.k.a Weed Whacked) April 19, 2007 Chicago, IL A man buys drugs off of a government spy. Little does the druggie know the weed is tampered, and will knock him out after one smoke. He then smokes the entire bag, and dies of a drug overdose.
836 Top Crowed (a.k.a Bruised Lee) October 20, 2003 Los Angeles, CA An actor was shot and killed by a prop gun during the making of the movie. In a prior scene a revolver was fired using a cartridge with only a primer and a bullet, but the primer provided enough force to push the round out of the cartridge into the barrel of the revolver, where it stuck. This time it was reloaded with a blank cartridge that contained propellant and a primer. When a fellow actor used the gun, the squib load was fired into him, killing him instantly.

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