Hey, you want to see something stupid? How about a phony repairs man who becomes flat (screened). A basket ball hoop that slams dunks (a robber), a woman's life is ruined (and ended) by a shed, a criminal goes on gar batched duty, a woman gets freaky with a cactus, a porn star literally freak a woman to death and finally a bunch of woman at there smartest. See? Isn't that just stupid?

Death # "Event" Name Date Location Circumstances of Death
689 Flattened (by the) screen T.V. August, 14, 2003 Hollywood, CA A phony repair man gets mad after he fails to fix a 72" inch plasma-screen T.V. He walks away from the T.V., but then comes back to try again. He slips on the floor and crashes into the T.V. stand. The 72" inch T.V. falls over and crushes him. He dies of broken ribs, punctured heart, cracked skull, smashed brain, massive trauma, bleeding, brain hemorrhage, electrocution, cut limbs and broken bones. He dies instantly, and his body is discovers by a robber.
459 Basket Balled June, 27, 2010 Antioch, CA A robber (from flattened by the screen T.V.) robs a house. After almost getting hit over the head by a baseball bat and falling down a flight of stairs, he leaves the house. He runs away from the drive way, but is crushed by a falling 20-feet-tall basket ball net. He dies of a crushed skull and smashed brain causing brain hemorrhage from 100 pounds of weight.
388 shed-dead skin May, 25, 2009 New York, New York A woman takes over her husbands "over used" shed. She accidentally knocks over a shelf, which crashes into a wall. The wall falls over causing the shed to collapse on her. She dies of 1000 pounds of weight crushing her ribs against the floor, breaking her ribs and puncturing her heart killing her from blood loss and bisecting due to her falling on a running chain saw she had put on the floor.
578 Gar-Batch Duty May, 31, 1989 Pittsburgh, PA A criminal responsible for over 10 murders is on clean up duty. He uses a metal stick to pick up garbage. He stabs a bag covering a hidden land-mine. This cause the land-mine to explode, sending shrapnel into his body, piercing his heart, abdomen, skull and brain and sending the metal stick into his chest. He dies of brain hemorrhage, bleeding, internal bleeding and cardiac arrhythmia
699 Dild-Owe! April 9, 2004 Palmer, IL A sex addicted woman gets lost in the desert. She finds a mini-baby-cactus and plucks all its prickle-spikes and uses it as a dildo. She forgot to pluck one last prick, which jabbed the inside of her vagina. She dies a week later from blood poisoning and sepsis.
38 Hard Balled November 24, 1978 Hollywood, CA

A man signs up to be a porn star. He has sex with a woman and she dies from a ruptured stomach, bladder, intestine and abdomen. She dies from massive internal bleeding.

141 Hocus! Cultist! January, 15, 2002 Boston, MA A group of feminist cultists attempt to execute a man. They end up sparking methane and blowing themselves up and sparing the man. They die instantly from there skin and flesh being burned and blown off and their limbs and head being severed and blown off.

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