If you had to die right now how would you go? Would you go like the paranoid freak who gets gunned on? How about the nerd who goes for broke? The thief and the thug who gets carted? Two dumb-asses who get blown away? A tomb raider who turns into a doom raider? Maybe some not so happy campers... or the runner who gets run away. or maybe you want to die like a smart person... either way... this is the next episode of 1000 ways to die...

Death # "Event" Name Date Location Circumstances of Death
390 Grave Stoned (a.k.a The Non Walking Dead) April 6th, 1999 Las Vegas, Nevada A paranoid man thinks zombies will attack. He decides to steal weapons from a gun shop. While at home with his new weapons, one of the guns goes off, killing him instantly.
459 iPwn'd (a.k.a Phoned In) June 23, 2010 San Francisco, California A geek waits for a store to open for days to get a new phone. when they announce they have no more, he gets angry and kicks a pole. the pole causes a large sign to fall on him and crush him.
388 Rocked in Roller Coaster (a.k.a Rail Fail) February 22, 2006 New York A thief steals from a fair after it is closed. He decides to hide on a roller coaster track. However a group of thugs break in and use the roller coaster. The cart hits the thief, killing him instantly. The cart then turns over launching the thugs killing them as well.
578 Fire crack-him (a.k.a Male Call) June, 25, 1970 Los Angeles, California Two teens place fireworks in a mailbox. When it does not go off, they open the mailbox. When it is opened, the fireworks explode, killing them both.
699 Doom Raider (a.k.a Re-dart-ed) May 15, 1856

Death begins in 813 Death ends in 823

Egypt A treasure thief steals from a temple. while escaping he triggers a trap that shoots a poison arrow at him.
799 Marshmell-OWNED! (a.k.a Hot Headed) November 24, 2011 Ohio, US A group of drunk people go camping. While already drunk, they decide to roast marshmallows that are covered in alcohol. The sticks they use catch on fire, which sets them on fire and killing them instantly.

Jogged Over (a.k.a I Work OWW-t)

February 22, 2012

Attalla, Ala A exerciser decides to run for 3 hours. He started running and got sweaty, and losing weight. Then, he gets a seizure. Then he falls down and a car hits the guy, causing his head to rip off, and his bones to be crushed, causing him to die instantly.

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