you know, with all these deaths you would think we would run out of ideas by know, but we haven't. We have a robber who accidentally blew up himself, a dog hater who gets burned, a phony welder who gets fried, an ex-con who gets rolled over, a news reporter who gets shot to death, an experimentation who gets shattered and a home-made bomb maker who gets blown.

Death # Event Name Date Place Circumstances of Death
190 Not so safe August 9, 2010 Las Vegas, Nevada A bank robber plants a time-bomb on a safes door. He sets the bomb to go off in 30 seconds. After 40 seconds, he checks on the bomb. The bomb goes off after a minute because the timer had a glitch so when the back robber set it for 30 seconds, it set itself up for a minute. It blew up when he checked on it. The explosion burned his skin off, the force broke and shattered multiple bones and his skull and pieces of metal from the bomb turned into shrapnel and embedded in his body, causing blood loss. He died instantly from 4th degree burns, massive trauma and blood loss.
683 Ther-Mite October, 12, 2002 Tokyo, Japan A dog-hating female goes to burn the head off of "Hachiko's" statue with a termite grenade she found at a junk yard. She ignites it while approaching the statue before she even gets near it. She trips and lands with the termite under her chest. Before she can get up, the termite burns away her skin, ribs and then her heart. She dies a slow and painful death by blood loss and 4th degree burns.
879 A**-ic May 21, 1850 Yuba City, California A highly inexperienced woman becomes a welder. She is ordered to attached a 300 pounced pipe back together with a blow torched (blue flame). She "attaches" it with a torch to dis-attached objects. The 300 pound pipe loosens and smashed into the woman skull, cracking it and causing her brain to bleed inside. Miraculously, she manages to survive the injury for a while, before falling into a vat of acid. The acid burns her body into a skeleton.

Barrel Roll (ed over)

November 9, 1999 Warwick, Rhode Island An ex-con is running away to an abandoned factory. Equipped with a gun, he hears a sound and fires a bullet at a dark area. The bullet severs a rope holding 10 metal barrels. The barrels roll down a slope and rolled over the ex-con. He dies of broken bones, crushed ribs, punctured heart, severed spinal cord, broken neck, crushed skull and crushed brain.
900 Terror-ist October 19, 2010 Iraq A news reporter goes to Iraq. While filming a minor fire fight between an American soldier and an Iraqi terrorist, he get's caught up in his work. He gets to concentrated while filming and forgets the dangers of the Iraq terrorist. The terrorist shoots the news reporter with an AK-47. 5 bullets pierce the news reporters chest, piercing his heart, causing him to bleeds out and dies.
934 Die-t Coke April 8, 2006 Atlanta, Georgia An experimenter fills a gallon bottle with 20 mentos. The bottle explodes, sending a plastic-bottle-shard into his heart. He dies of blood loss.
70 Gas Hole June 5, 2003 Gadsden, Alabama An redneck creates a home-made bomb. He builds a giant metal container, fills the bottom half with gasoline, fills the top half with gas and fills the gasoline with metal shards. When dropped the metal shards would spark the gas and gasoline causing an explosion. The deck holding the 1000 pound bomb collapses. The bomb blows up sending shrapnel into his body, burning him and blowing him up. He dies instantly from blood loss, 4th degree burns and massive trauma.

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