You feel like you life was bad, well it got better with a little corpse party for the dead, we got many deaths that will make you hungry for flesh which is not sold in any store, and we added the venom inside, death is dinner we produce.


A Bobbysoxer experiences death, a sapiens loses from a mammoth, an Anglophobe dies from a truck, an acrophobia doesn't get away from harassing, a retarded man killed by a fossil, the polar night is a great scenery for death of the two people, and the victim was a hurricanes supper.


Death # Event Name Date Of Death Location Circumstances of Death
684 rob-lox April 23, 2010 Miami, Florida An angry adult gamer attempts to play rob lox which he was super safe chat because he doesn't know what age means and puts it at random. He was angry because he keeps dieting on rob lox, on which he got so angry he goes after his adult sister with a knife on which he trips and dies when the knife stabbed on his heart killing him, which his sister called 9-11, and he made the record of being idle for months until a thunderstorm arrives.
328 Mammoth Crushed 10,000 B.C Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada. A female wanted to fit in hunting the woolly mammoths which she failed by being crushed to death by a woolly mammoth in a bad move.
797 Deathly Harassed October 25, 2010 Kyoto, Japan An perverted male try to break in homes to sexually harass some Japanese women. After hours of watching hentai and getting drunk with his alcohol he attempted to sexually harass women while attempting to climb into apartments, when the women screams for help. His husband comes in trying to beat up the pervert. The pervert was an acrophobia, but attempted to face his fears in which his fate failed when he dies hitting the ground.
106 Polar Death November 31, 2010 Tromso, Norway An arrogant straight A's high school graduation female claims that she's the best in the world has argued with many men until she felt depressed because of the less sunshine hours; when polar nights took over, she was crying, and was greeted by a criminal and she was shot in the head, killing her instantly; it appeared that one of her men was part of the mafia gang. When he found out that she stole his credit card, he decided to get his revenge as the police arrived. As he attempts to make his cowardly escape, the falling glass shards falls on him and pierces him to death.

Necroses meets Phoebe

June 22, 1995 Algiers, Algeria A male gambler from Las Vegas, Nevada has won the lottery of $5,000,000 and wanted to travel to Algiers, Algeria for a vacation spot. Apparently, he's racist and hates black people, which he both detested and feared; he ran to take out a black man, but was sparing him as he was hit by accident by an incoming truck.
71 Katrina's Supper August 29, 2005 New Orleans A Stubborn Jock man wanted to stay home with his precious sport models unaware that Hurricane Katrina is about to hit, and didn't care about his family and his children, When his wife tried to save his life by evacuating to city, He refused to go with them and hid in a cardboard box, When he came a out, then a few days later he died when a frame hit his back crippling him and he drowned when the flood kicked in.
901 Dinosaur's Attack aka.(Dino Fudged) May 25, 2013 Drumheller, AB A retarded school dropout sneaks successfully into the royal Tyrell Museum has attempted to entertain a several autistic male by dancing in restricted exhibit areas, but he was angered by the autistic mans themselves injurious behaviors on which he got out of control as one of the bones of an allosaur, crushed his heart and killing him instantly.

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