Well, well, well. What have we here? A prison break that goes wrong, a detective who bites his own tongue, a king who gets burned, a drug dealer who's dead meat, a rock star who gets his time in the spotlight, a drunk who is a real drag, and a diamond miner who gets cracked oh yeah! This is the next episode of 1000 ways to die!

Death # "Event" Name Date Location Circumstances of Death
388 Rocky Roadkill (a.k.a What A Drag) January, 18, 2008 Kansas A criminal escapes from prison. While hiding he comes across a rest stop, he sees cops and hides on a truck's axle. The truck starts; thinking he will get away, the criminal stays on. The truck goes over a dirt road, which sends large rocks at his face, causing him to bleeds out and dies.
578 Tongue Died (a.k.a Bitten Off) June 9, 1863 Pittsburgh, PA A detective uses unorthodox techniques to solve cases. After solving a case, he slips and bites off his own tongue as he bleeds to death.
699 Done in the oven (a.k.a Creamed) April 9, 1926 Houston, TX An angry king eats his favorite dessert; a bun with hot icing on top. He eats it too fast and suffers from burns in his throat, killing him instantly.
139 Zoo Are Dead (a.k.a Dead Meat) November 24, 2010 Sea Ford, DE A meat vendor is also a drug dealer. While selling drugs the cops come. He runs and falls into a tiger pit. Because he had meat, he got eaten alive by the tiger.
141 Death Metal (a.k.a Rocked and Rolled) January, 15, 1975 Boston, MS A druggie rock and roller does cocaine before a show. While preforming, a spotlight falls and lands on him. The glass stabs through his head, killing him instantly.
145 Ouch Potato (a.k.a Sofa King Dumb) January, 15, 2000 New Jersey A drunk man decides to tie a wheeled couch to a truck and go for a ride. While doing this, he falls off and breaks multiple bones, killing him instantly.
174 Die-mound Mine (a.k.a Crystal Death) January, 15, 1955 Somewhere Underground A diamond miner yells at his workers. When going through the mine he trips, he falls on a really hard diamond, breaking his skull and killing him instantly.

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