A Japanese anime haters burns, a google employee gets failed by a computer, a drunken man decapitated, toilet kills a man, a man died from subsonic plague, a man scapegoated, a drunk man jumps off the burs Halifax.


Death # Event Name Date Of Death Location Circumstances of Death
43 Time to take out the worst September 8, 2008 Houston, Texas A greedy man who has an extreme hatred of Japanese anime and was desperate for money attempts to brutally censor all of the Japanese anime and tries to publish them without their rights. He is often a fat slob who has no diet and never ate any vegetables and fruits in his entire life, and he ended up weakened in the hospital with a bad diet, almost everyone hated him, including the nurses, which many nurses left him to die, he slept with a propane tank; however, many Japanese anime nerds want him dead by instant, a male Japanese anime nerds shot the propane tank to burn the Japanese anime hater, the Japanese anime hater died of burns for a lesson on censoring Japanese anime and how people can be detested for doing it.
777 Google Fudged September 6, 2013 Mel-no Park, California A detested Google employee has the idea of creating a new, badly made, non user friendly new channel layout. Despite that he had no friends except for his friends who work with Google almost like him, he didn't get fired, he has the idea to piss people off by inconveniencing their you-tubers with ads that is 5 minutes long an unstoppable just to watch a 1 second video, he was hated, but he loved to make the people mad, he is extremely greedy, and would make a new worse channel layout, he also drinks a liter of beer every day, he even posted hate comments on the you-tubers and trolled them until his monitor failed on him blowing up killing him in seconds, it seemed that one of the employee's couldn't take his bad attitude so he created a time bomb, when the detested google employee got on the computer it blew up on him one hour later, the attack was successful, and he deserved it for all of his greed.
313 Drunk and Decapitated (Aka: The Ride to Death) May 3, 1989 Oslo, Norway Two drunken men are both in love with each other and their cups, they drink a lot of beer, they wanted to entertain themselves with stupid car sports that involve standing on top of the car, one drunken man was on top of the car having fun until a wire decapitated him right after the police tried to charge them, his friend cries while he was dead.
555 Even toilets can kill (Aka: Anal Bullet). March 14, 1996 30,000 feet over the Pacific Ocean A retarded man who successfully brings a gun and some beer with him on the plane was selfish and wanted to kill his brother, when he was drunk he decided to take the plane by storm by killing people who open the door he had to go the the bathroom, but accidentally dropped his gun in the toiled but was to retarded to know that the gun was there, when he pooped, it accidentally fired the gun bouncing off until it reached far into his anus which hit his heart, killing him instantly.
743 Black Death December 25, 1349 Italy An Italian man cheats on his girlfriend with another one, soon he was bitten by a rat which had fleas on hit, He suffered subsonic plague and died a few days later.
658 Scapegoated. 134 BC Greece A man was executed for crimes against humanities on which he in the slow execution, with the honey inside it triggered him with honey bees, one week later, he died from starvation and dehydration.
4 Halifax suicide January 16, 2011 Dubai, RAE. A drunk man dares himself to survive a great fall but as he jumped off the observation on Burl Halifax, he landed on his head which cracked his skull the shattered it all completely shattered his entire head in which what's left is the body, and many bones were broken and he died within a seconds.

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