Do you think your life sucks? At least your not one of the following idiots! We have a crooked businessman who needs a head, a cheating woman who gets stuck, a drunk who takes a bath, a spy who becomes toxic, a mayor who is a complete failure, an old exercise addict who goes for a swim, and a mad scientist who gets the cold shoulder. Don't you feel better about yourselves now? :)

Death # "Event" Name Date Location Circumstances of Death
689 Paper Or Ballistic April 6th, 2003 Houston, Texas Two teenagers go to Houston, Texas after stealing Russian military weapons in Russia. They investigate a "knife" unaware that it is a ballistic knife. The teenager holding it pushes the "release" button, sending the blade into the other teenager's forehead. The blade pierces his skull and impales his brain, killing him instantly from brain hemorrhage.
459 Spit-net June, 24 2004 Moscow, Russia Two Russian soldiers get drunk while on guard-duty. While drunk, they fail to keep guarding and both get their throats slit by a Canadian special op using a knife. They die from blood loss and bleeds out.
388 Spas Class February 22, 1952 New Orleans A mean jazz teacher scolds his student dancers for forgetting to stamp their feet. He gets angry and repeatedly stamps his feet. The wooden floor he is stamping on shatters, sending a 10 "inch" splinter into his heart. He dies in seconds from blood loss.
578 Did Nazi That Coming June, 25, 1944 Normandy, French A group of 5 Nazis soldiers are shooting at an American soldier. The American soldier runs to a French building, barricades himself in the attic and hides in the attic. The five Nazis sit outside the building and fire at the attic window. The American soldier signals a flak cannon strike through the radio. The cannon shot blows up the five Nazis, sending shrapnel into their bodies and blowing away parts of their bodies.
699 Khan You Dig It? 876 Somewhere in India A woman attempts to murder her husband who is an emperor. The woman goes to stab the emperor with a sword. The emperor grabs the sword and swings her off his balcony. The woman falls, severs her spine, cracks her ribs, puncture her heart, breaks her neck, cracks her skull, crushes her brain and dies instantly. She dies instantly from paralysis, blood loss, a broken neck and brain hemorrhage.

Dead Meet

November 24, 2010 Sea Ford, DE A man is framed for murder and is being hunted down by a mobster. The mobster looks for a bounty hunter. The bounty hunter is coincidentally the framed man and the mobster shoots at the man. The mobster's bullet ricochets off a metal wall and pierces his heart and he dies from blood loss.
141 Coincidence January, 15, 1995 Boston, MS A woman swallows five pennies due to a bet. She dies of an allergic reaction to copper.

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