Death # Event Name Date Location Circumstances of Death
592 Aeros-Hole. May 16th, 2004 TBA A wannabe acts like someone forced to grow up on the rough side of the city, to give himself a "tough guy" image (when in actual fact, he lives a very cushy life in a middle class home). When he starts a fight with some of the very people he's trying to imitate, they beat him up easily. Angry and humiliated, he later returns to their hangout with a fresh air spray can, and a lighter, and prepares to set at least one of them on fire by spraying the flammable air freshener over him, via the flame of the lighter (he saw this on TV once). However, he holds the lighter too close, and the flame travels a short distance backwards through the spray, causing the aerosol can to explode in the wannabe's face, killing him.
176 TBA July 21st, 2008 TBA A man and woman are on holiday together, and the man has a sick sense of humor. As they walk along the cliff tops, the man abruptly jumps off, much to the horror of his girlfriend. Let's rewind; the previous day the man secretly went to the cliffs alone, and found that just below one of the edges was another ledge, and decided he would use this to scare his girlfriend into thinking he jumped off, when really he landed safely on the ledge. Unfortunately for him, he misremembered the exact location of the ledge (typically, it was only a fair distance away), and instead continued to fall, and then land on the jagged rocks below.
613 TBA January 16th, 1995 TBA While walking home one cold snowy night, a young man decides to use a frozen lake as short cut. However, the lake hasn't completely frozen, so the ice cracks and he falls in. Unable to find the hole he fell through, due to being disorientated, and having no one around to save him, he freezes to death and drowns.
25 TBA October 15th, 2014 TBA A man in his late teens enters a talent show and sabotages the other competitors, to make sure they fail. The next entry is a woman with a talent for swordplay, whose performance the cheater ruins by rolling a ball into her path, causing her to fall. However, as she falls she also loses her grip on her sword, which goes flying towards the cheater, and slices through his neck, decapitating him.
736 Tekken Out August 10th, 2009 TBA A drunk gamer decides to make himself something to eat, after a session on Tekken 3 - one of his many favorite games. As he is getting a plate out for his sandwich, the gamer decides to copy Lei Wulong's ending by balancing a big plate alternatively on the back of both of his hands (in Tekken 3, Lei did this while training, using a thin saucer). Unfortunately, the gamer drops the plate and it smashes after hitting a work surface, en route to the floor and a sharp edged piece flies towards him and slices through his wrist. He is too drunk to tear open the plaster packaging and by the time it vaguely occurs to him the he should tourniquet himself another way and phone the emergency services, he is to lightheaded to motivate himself to do so and therefore bleeds to death in his kitchen.
157 TT-EXed November 15th, 2001 - November 16th, 2001 TBA A pompous man wants to be known around his neighborhood (as well as elsewhere, if possible) for preparing exotic foods (often obtained via importation), rather than the "common" dishes his neighbors eat. He makes a point of telling anyone who'll listen what he will be preparing today, much to the annoyance of his neighbors. One day, he manages to get ahold of some fugu (pufferfish, which is highly toxic if improperly prepared) via underhand means. His neighbors try to warn him to be careful, or better still to eat something else, but he ignores them all. The man prepares and eats the fugu, and then suffers from tetrodotoxin (TTX) poisoning, which ultimately paralyzes him, but still leaves him aware of what is happening, before leading to death from asphyxiation.

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