Rat's All Folks!, Way to Die #88, is the first death featured in "Surprise, You're Dead!" The name of the death is a pun on the Looney Tunes closing title card, "That's All Folks!"


Perry is the tough-as-nail leader of a mafia ring that has taken control of almost the entire city. He finds out a member among the ranks, Vinnie, has been acting as a double agent for a rival mafia group that is hoping to use information provided by Vinnie to take down the competition. Perry decided that the best way to snuff a rat like Vinnie was to give him a taste of his own medicine. Perry decides to use the "Rat in a bucket" torture method where a live rat is placed under a bucket that is heated up, forcing the rat to chew through the victim's abdomen to escape the hot environment. Everything goes as planned and the rat chews through Vinnie's stomach and intestines, causing massive internal bleeding.


  • "Unknown" - Themselves (Mafia Member) - This interviewee's identity was hidden.
  • Jules Sylvester - Himself (Wildlife Expert)