Merry Christmas! As a gift I offer this: A group of wannabe-female-ghost riders get killed. A woman who is sensitive (as well as her knife, heart and death); the farther who ugh-united her gasket a robber get's robbed of his life; the impale-mental ex-girlfriend who took the fall (literally); a man tries to tamper his neighbors cable but tampers with his life, and for a special surprise, we got the mining boss who took a tool to his tool head.

Death # "Event" Name Date Location Circumstances of Death
689 The Cir-Kill December, 14, 2003 Nevada, Las Vegas A group of females are standing on top of a truck ghost-riding. The group of females are doing "The Circle", and the truck is going in a circle at an extremely fast speed. The truck runs out of gas and stops really fast, sending the group flying forward off the truck to the ground. The group dies from broken bones and multiple other injuries.
459 Car-rots December, 27, 2010 Greenland A sensitive woman is cutting carrots. She cuts her wrist open and begins bleeding every where. She panics, passes out and lands on the knife, impaling her heart and she dies from blood loss.
388 Ugh-Nate December, 25, 2009 New York, New York A woman who allows eat beans and broccoli just to fart close to her husband does as such. She goes to fart next to her husband who is sitting on a lawn chair in front of there pool. He quickly realizes she will fart and pushes her into the pool and the woman intestines explodes. She explodes because she had her phone in her pocket and when she got pushed into the pool, the phone got wet, electrocuted the woman, and electrocuted her gas-filled intestines and caused an explosion, killing her from massive internal bleeding.
578 Not So Pro-Test December, 21, 1999 Pittsburgh, PA During a riot hundreds of people cause a riot-squad to be called in. A robber throws an explosives in front of a riot-police. The explosion leaves the riot-police shell-shocked but alive, but blows his riot-shield out of his hands. The riot-shield flies through the air and breaks the robbers neck.
699 Impale-Mental December 9, 2004 Palmer, IL A woman builds a trap by digging a hole, setting wooden spikes in it, and covering it with leaves to kill her ex-boyfriend. She also climbs up a tree by the trap in case it doesn't work to kill him herself. The ex-boyfriend approaches the trap but before he can trigger it the woman falls of the tree because a branch broke and falls through her own trap. She dies from 5 wooden spikes through her body impaling her skull, brain, abdomen, heart, right arm, and left leg. She dies of massive trauma, internal bleeding, brain damage and broken bones do to the high fall cause the spikes to go fully through her body allowing her to impact the ground the spikes were over.

Tampering With The System-Dumb!

December 12, 1978 Hollywood, CA A man attempts to mess with his rich neighbor's cable. He connects a line by launching a tight wire to his neighbor's roof and the other end to his roof. He climbs the wire upside down towards his neighbor's roof until it breaks and he lands 10 feet down, back-first, onto the fence. The dull but arrow shape part of the wood fence severed his lower spinal-cord, causing paralysis and the man dies of lack of oxygen.
141 Pick A** January, 15, 2002 Boston, MA A mean mining boss is digging with a pick ax. When he finds gold, he throws his pick ax over his head and backwards into the mine cart. When it lands in it, the blades sparks the fuse of a stick of dynamite. The dynamite explodes, sending the pickax flying out of the cart and into the mining bosses head. The blade impales his skull and punctures his brain, killing him instantly.

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