I can see your future! I see... a monster truck driver who gets canned, a cat burglar who meets a cat, a scam artist handyman who takes the fall, a pimp gambler who loses a bet, a spartan who gets owned, two Nazis who blow themselves up, and a warlord who is feeling horse.

Death # "Event" Name Date Location Circumstances of Death
412 A Monstrous Problem (AKA: Barrel of Dumb) August 6, 1995 Dallas, Texas A monster truck driver cheats to win; while showing off a stunt he decides to jump a ramp; he lands on a flaming oil barrel, which causes the truck to explode.
823 Cat With Attitude (AKA: Cat and Mouse) April 14, 2009 Gary, Indiana A cat burglar climbs a fancy apartment to get jewelry; while climbing in the room through the window he is scared by a cat. the cat attacks his foot; he stumbles backwards and falls out of the window.
187 Sooner Or Ladder (AKA: Shoot and ladders) March 31, 2010 Bristol, Tennessee A scam artist handyman fixes a roof of a building; while up there the cops come; he climbs on the roof and refuses to come down. the cops shoot him and he falls; the ladder then falls on him, crushing his skull.
221 DIE-Agra (AKA: Boned) July 4, 2006 New York, New York A gambler bets two drunk woman $5000 that he can have sex with them for hours; he wins the bet, but dies minutes later from a massive heart attack.
980 Spartan (AKA: Did You Spear Me?) 272 B.C Sparta, Greece A brutal warlord gets into a fight in the middle of the street; while fighting he gets hit in the head; in a daze, he falls on his spear, which stabs through his chest.
20 Did Nazi That Coming (AKA: Jew Are Dead) June 19, 1943 Somewhere under The Sea Two Nazis who are in a submarine see an American ship; they shoot a torpedo at them; however, the American ship moves and the torpedoes come back and hit the Nazis.
418 Khan You dig it? (AKA: Feeling Horse) August 6, 1865 China A Mongolian warlord chases Chinese soldiers during a war and kills them; however, he has chest pains and falls off his horse; the horse then turns around, trampling him to death.

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