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Description: Death... we spend our whole life waiting for it, and in the end it only takes a second. Just ask the New Years party host who couldn't hold on, the environmental freak who hummers out, the MySpace celebrity who got the chair, the concert goer who crashes hard, the bootlegger who takes a swim, the prankster who gets what he had coming, and finally a John gets grilled. You're still waiting for death... but wait no longer for the new episode of 1000 Ways to Die

Death #

Event Name

Date Of Death


Circumstances of Death


Die 2

(a.k.a. So 2000 and Late)

January 1, 2000

Times Square, New York

A man celebrates the new year by climbing on top of a 30 foot light. At the stroke of midnight, he falls off, grabs on to electrical wires for support, and electrocutes himself, making him the first person to die in the new millennium.


Al Gored (a.k.a. An Inconvenient Death)

July 19, 2004

Fort Wayne, Indiana

An Eco-terrorist sets fire to SUV s. She sees an SUV idling, which disgusts her even further. She lights it on fire, but, due to the engine being one, it causes the gas tank to explode, and she is killed by the shrapnel.


Die Space

September 8, 2006

West Hollywood, California

A Myspace celebrity (heavily based on Tila Tequila) has sex on a swivel-chair in her office. The swivel chair tips over down the stairs, and she dies on impact. But the lover survives, however.


Moshed Up

(a.k.a. Mashed Potatoes)

November 11, 2010

Kalamazoo, Michigan

A large group is moshing at a concert. A drug dealer, who is too stoned to notice, gets knocked over and trampled to death


Man in the Moonshine (a.k.a. Pro hi-witched)

June 19, 1922

I slip, Long Island

A bootlegger brews moonshine in her bathtub during prohibition. She gets angry at her husband for ruining a batch, and tries to punch him, but he knocks her into the tub. She hits her head at the bottom, and dies of a combination of alcohol poisoning and drowning.


Blocked Off

(a.k.a. Over Passed Away)

March 20, 2004

Tacoma, Washington

A prankster throws a large piece of concrete with jagged metal sticking out of it over a highway overpass. One of the metal spikes hooks on to the crotch part of his pants, taking him over with it.


Drunk vs. Drunk

April 9, 1988

Henderson, NV

A man hires a prostitute. The two drink together before the encounter. Afterwards, the man gets in his car, and the prostitute leaves the hotel on foot. When crossing the street, the man hits the prostitute, and she becomes wedged in his grille. He doesn't realize, and she dies of injuries in his garage hours later.