Golden Die-Angle, Way to Die #507, is the first death to be featured in "Fatal Distraction", which aired on October 5, 2010.


Ting was hired by the Laotian drug lords to protect their ophiums. Ting has a way to treat trespassers by decapitate them and chopping off their hends without showing any remorse. He would display their severed heads on his posts as a warning for upcoming potential poachers/trespassers. One day, Ting receives a word/call from unknown person that a couple more poachers/trespassers, who are being initiated, are out. Ting prepares his machete, hops on his ATV and chases the two wannabe poachers/drug smugglers. In the heat of the chase, the two wannabe poachers/drug smugglers hide in the tall grasses and Ting turns his ATV around in high speed, but he forgets one important thing; the barbed-wire fence that he installed a few days earlier. As his ATV drives through the fence, the fence's top wire ironically decapitates Ting, horrifying and scaring away the two wannabe drug smugglers/poachers. Ting's severed head, however, along with his headless body/corpse, still riding on his ATV, is later found and taken away by the authorities.

"The drug trade was a dangerous deadly, lethal, and risky business. Ting flipped his death coin in the air, and when it came down, it read... heads, you lose."

Segment nicknamesEdit

  • Headless Drug Lord

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