Comment and tell we what you think please :D If you don't like your life, don't worry! It won't last for too much longer! Like the survivalist that gets faked out, the spoiled girl who gets sent away, the thief who gets crushed, the guy who met the comedy club, the cabbie who's a really bad driver, the gangster who gets what he had coming, and the stoner who has too much to drink

Death # Event Name Date Place Circumstances of Death
441 Brain Freezed (a.k.a. Man vs. Died) January 17, 2006 Hollywood, CA A host of a TV show on survival in dire situations (based heavily on Bear Grylls) is locked in a meat freezer. The producers, for safety reasons, kept the freezer at a safe 40 degrees, but failed to let the host know. His brain convinces himself he is in danger, causing him to die, his autopsy even showing all signs of hypothermia.
204 Brat Cramped (a.k.a. Brat Crapped) September 4, 2010 Escalante, UT A spoiled Orange County girl gets sent to a wilderness program for her constant misbehavior. She refuses to go to the bathroom outside for weeks, eventually causing her colon to rupture and subsequent death from sepsis. (Note: This is somewhat based on Phillip DeVille but his counselor was the one who took the fall after forgetting about the spike board trap. Later, while on a train bound for Coney Island, he curses this deceitful plan as he looks at his Wawa but doesn’t linger in despair for long. Soon he is looking to the future and considering whether his friend, Kimi "Kimberly" Watanabe-Finster could come and help him. Phillip hopes that Kimi will be able to help him escape from the wilderness program and then together they will go roving in Coney Island and no doubt return to the DeVille and Watanabe-Finster lifestyle. Once at Coney Island, some prisoners later died after finding out that the boat they were trying to get Phillip back had only one side and it sunk.)
792 Nickel and Dime (a.k.a Coined Offed) March 20, 1997 Detroit, MI A pair of thieves steal an armored car filled with $1,000,000 worth of coins. One of them drives the car while the other watches out the back window. When the driver brakes suddenly, it causes the coins to shift, crushing the other one to death.
19 Prop Come-Die (a.k.a. Comedy Clubbed) August 21, 1994 Panama City, FL An untalented prop-comedian wannabe preforms at his fathers comedy club to a less-than-impressed audience. In a joke about Tiger Woods, he throws a golf club violently against a wall, causing the handle to break off and puncture his heart, causing him to bleed out.
808 Slash Cab (a.k.a. Dearly Newport) July 7, 2000 Seattle, WA A cabbies protects his cab religiously, but has an obsession with car crashes. He comes up with a plan to slash people's ankles why they are loading their bags into their car, and then stealing the car and crashing it into a wall. He does this one time, but his lungs shatter on impact due to years of smoking mentholated cigarettes.
609 Gang Banged (a.k.a Flash Mobbed) December 2, 1991 Memphis, TN A gang leader, who drives a unique 1972 Impala, initiates a new member by having him drive at night with his lights off and shoot the first person he sees who flashes their high-beams. The leader that night is borrowing his friend's Honda Civic, and flashes the high beams. He gets shot himself, because this is just as the new guy drove by.
162 Drug Test Dead (a.k.a. H2O Drowned) October 11, 1999 Oak Park, IL

A lifeless druggie who lives on his mother's couch is threatened that he'd be kicked out if he fails to get a job. He gets one, but must pass a drug test in order to get it. He decides to drink gallons of water to flush his system out on the eve of the test, but dies of water intoxication.

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