There's a reason why we have a "Don't try this a home" disclaimer. People have actually died doing this stuff. Like the idiots recreating a movie scene, the nuclear plant workers who get nuked, or the bank manager whose safe was anything but. We got a burglar who was a complete pussy, a conductor who was a bit of a bonehead, and how about a tale of a ghost town blood bath?


Death # Event Name Date Place Circumstances of Death
138 Jackass: The Home Game November 1, 2003 Louisville, Kentucky After watching a football-themed movie, a group of friends attempt a stunt shown; lay flat on their stomach on the double-yellow line (aka "Highway Planking"). Several vehicles pass by them safely, but a hummer with a drunk driver comes weaving at high speed down the road, running over the group and crushing them before speeding off.
338 Cat-Burgled (aka Pussy Whipped) July 22, 1993 Binghamton, New York A burglar breaks into a house while the family inside is fast asleep. He encounters no resistance, other than the cat who watches the burglar intently. When he tries to leave, the cat suddenly attacks, biting and scratching his neck until his external carotid artery is severed. The family is wakened in time to watch the burglar bleed to death while the cat cleans itself with a sly grin.
604 The Bank Dick-Head (aka Un-Safe) September 24, 1955 Las Vegas, Nevada A wealthy couple is concerned over the security of their bank during a rash of robberies, especially since the wife has several million dollars (worth billions today) worth of jewelry in a safe deposit box. The bank manager assured the couple and even goes so far as to spend the night in the vault to guard the jewelry. The bank's vault is actually air-tight with no ventilation. The manager is found the next morning dead of suffocation.
415 Hungry, Hungry Hippo (is Hungry) July 29, 2008 Nile River, Tanzania A wildlife photographer is recording videos of hippopotamuses. One gets close to his boat and opens his mouth. While the photographer tries to get a closeup of the hippo's mouth, he falls in and is eaten alive.
288 Nuked Up April 26, 1986 Chernobyl, Ukraine Workers at a nuclear power plant want to test a system to cool a reactor in case of a power failure. The crew nearly shuts down the reactor, then try to increase its power output. The reactor is notoriously unstable at low power and prone to sudden power spikes. The worker's attempts to increase power causes a massive spike that cause the reactor to explode. Many of the workers die from radiation exposure.
309 Trombones (aka Pulling a Trombone) June 25, 1978 Vienna, Austria A notoriously cruel orchestra conductor is trying to keep an orchestra in tune, but chastises them for even the slightest slip. One of the trombone players is about to sneeze while playing. The conductor stops the orchestra to chew her out, but when she sneezes, she blows on the trombone hard enough to cause the slide to fly out and strike the conductor in the head. He falls backwards from the blow and cracks his skull on the floor.
80 Ghost busted! 30's  April 6, 1934 Bodie, CA

A very bitter gold digger in the now ghost town of Bodie, California strikes his foot with his pick axe causing him to fall on a fan of a pickup, shredding his chest deep enough to lacerate his heart.

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