Machines gone wild; a pothead goes up in smoke; porn star gets screwed; a delivery of fail.


Death # Event Name Date Place Circumstances of Death
295 Domo Arigato, Mr. Robot-D'OH! October 29, 1984 Detroit, Michigan Two robot operators monitor a machine they just repaired while discussing a movie that was just released. Taking offense to the men's comments, the robot strikes one in the head and crushes his skull, then grabs the other by the neck and pushes him against a grinding wheel.
420 Bong Hit Back April 20, 2010 Baltimore, Maryland A stoner takes a few bong hits to remember something. He keeps taking bigger and bigger hits until he asphyxiates.
13 The Big Screw (aka Dick In Around) February 18, 1977 Los Angeles, California A man with an abnormal large penis is asked to be in a porno movie by the female star. She rides on top, but his penis bursts through top of her vagina and into her abdomen, causing massive internal injuries and bleeding.
666 Devil's Due October 31, 2000 Washington, DC A gullible republican enters into a contract with the "devil", a teenage prankster who's dad hates the republican. the terms being that he sacrifices America's children while he is in the White House. After some soul searching, he breaks the contract and is "sent to hell" (he is burned to death in a freak electrical fire).
734 Iced Road Truckers January 31, 2009 Dalton Highway, Alaska

A four truck convoy meets its end in the following ways:

Truck 4, carrying explosives, loses traction on a steep hill, slides backwards into a ditch, then explodes.

Truck 3 is swept off Antigua Pass by an avalanche.

Truck 2 is driving blind through blowing snow and drifts into the opposite lane where he crashes head-on with a southbound truck.

Truck 1, the lead truck, makes it all the way to Prude Bay, but breaks through the ice when he drives too fast.

814 Crappy Hour June 11, 1901 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Several million gallons of alcoholic beverages explode from their holding tanks, killing many via concussion, debris, drowning, and alcohol poisoning.
11 The Audience is Now Dead (aka This death goes to 11) November 11, 1998 Buffalo, New York

A single father confronts the boy next door, a noted metal fanatic, about his music being a bad influence on his daughter. The boy then confronts the father with a single scream. The force of the scream is enough to kill the father from a serious disruption of his heartbeat.

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