The following idiots looked death in the face and said "Come at me bro!". We have a Japanese drunk man who takes a dive, two brothers/siblings who get trashed, a machinist who becomes pushy, an egotistic action star who gets a cut, a gun loving redneck who gets blown, a wrestler who gets the grand slam, and a farmer who gets some shocking news!

Death # "Event" Name Date Location Circumstances of Death
689 Cap-anise April 6th, 1943 Pelilu, Japan An imperial Japanese soldier is shot and killed in action. A medic, thinks he is just wounded and comes to help him. While bandaging the dead soldier, he accidentally rolls over his body, triggering his grenade on his chest the now dead soldier was going to use as a suicide bomb. The grenade explodes, killing the medic instantly.
459 COW Girl June, 24 2004 New Orleans, LA A woman becomes a "cow girl". She rides a horse and attempts to lasso a running woman. The lasso misses the woman and goes around a fence post, yanking the woman off the horse. The woman cracks her ribs, punctures her heart, cracks her skull, crashes her brain and breaks her neck. She dies instantly from blood loss, brain hemorrhage and a broken neck.
388 Pit-Bullied February 22, 1994 San Francisco, California An animal abuser is mauled to death by a pit bull, snf she dies of blood loss from a bite to the chest.
578 Cop Sucker June, 25, 1950 Pittsburgh, PA A cop chases a robber on a house deck. The cop knocks the robber off the deck and lands on him, cracking his ribs and puncturing his heart, killing him instantly.
699 Mother Trucking Terrorist April 9, 2009 Afghanistan A terrorist is riding in the truck and the truck hits a bump. The truck steers and goes into a battlefield. The truck gets shocked by an explosion and the rider in the back falls off and breaks his ribs, punctures his heart, shatters his skull, smacks his brain, severs his spine and breaks his neck and other bones. He dies instantly from blood loss, brain hemorrhage, neurotic shock, paralysis, massive trauma and a broken neck.
1000 (this is the second death to be given this number). What The Hell i-copter November 24, 2010 Sea Ford, DE

(THE FOLLOWING DEATH IS A SPECIAL DEATH WHICH FEATURES A WAY TO "LIVE"). A family man fights a kidnapper at a helicopter pad to save his wife and kids. They fight on a tower over the helicopter pad. The man punches the kidnapper in the face, knocking him and causing him to smash and fall through the tower window. The kidnapper falls and goes through a helicopter propeller, slicing every part of his body. He dies instantly from blood loss. The family man is not under arrest for murder due to a camera recording the whole situation, but she does have to due 100 hours of community service.

141 Bye-Cycle January, 15, 1775 Boston, MS

(THIS IS A LOST, NEVER BEFORE SCENE DEATH). A man protest against the law to wear helmets while biking by obnoxiously riding his bike without a helmet. He ironically wipes out and dies instantly from brain hemorrhage after crashing on his head, cracking his skull and smashing his brain.

(FOR ALL THE DEAD-HEADS OUT HERE, HERE IS AN EXTRA DEATH). [199-Jugular-Georgia] A woman attaches a stretchy, but metal string from a post to another post. While standing next to the string to present it, it snaps on one side, unwinds, and slices open her jugular vein. She dies a minute later from bleeding out.