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SUMMARY: A prankster leaves us, a daredevil gets blown away, a clumsy fiance gets the boot, a lover plays with balls too much, a terrorist gets a taste of his own medicine, a druggie loses face, and a polygamist gets exterminated

Death #

Event Name



Circumstances of Death


Rolling Over A New Leaf

November 4, 2009

Lees Summit, MO

A woman decides to prank her husband, who is gone at a party, by hiding in a leaf pile with a camera, ready to jump out and scare him when he comes home. The husband, who is drunk driving, swerves and rolls over the pile containing his wife, killing her.


Dead As A Plank

May 25, 2001

Norfolk, VA

A man planks on a railing of a highway overpass during a windstorm, when a hurricane wind blows him over, crashing on the pavement below and getting run over many times.


Six Flags Over Death

June 19, 2005

Anaheim, CA

A man has a plan to propose to his girlfriend on a roller coaster, but, in doing so, he drops the ring. He climbs over several fences to retrieve it, despite warnings, and, when the roller coaster comes around, his head is kicked off.


Your Love is My Drug

April 17, 2011

Riverside, CA

A drunk couple attempt to have sex in a ball pit. In doing so, the woman, who is “a classic lightweight” unknowingly falls on a heroin needle, and subsequently dies of an overdose.



April 12, 1977

Mundelein, IL

A terrorist who randomly poisoned Tylenol accidently gets some on his hands, and accidently consumes it when he eats a hot dog, causing his own death.


Anti-Drug Cam-pain

January 18, 2007

Woodward, OK

A man on PCP slices off his body parts and feeds them to his dog. When his high wares off, he panics and dies of shock.



December 1, 2001

St. George, UT

A fundamentalist polygamist family lives in a cult, which is opposed to seeking medical treatment for diseases. When one of a man’s wife dies cervical cancer, she emits toxic rays, which kill the man and all of the other wives

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