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A drag racer gets hit; a stoner gets kissed to death; a music lover doesn't hear death coming; pervert orders the death by chocolate; a young woman's stupidity kills her; bad cop gets gassed; a wedding crushers crashes.


Death # Event Name Date Place Circumstances of Death
314 Cr-OWE! Bar July 5, 2007 Huntington Beach, California A woman makes fun of people with cancer and other diseases. A man with a mental disease grabs a crowbar and whacks the woman over the head. She dies instantly from a cracked skull and smashed brain, causing brain hemorrhage.
193 Soccer Balled August 16, 2005 Hayward, California A cocky soccer player is golly during a game. He gets hit in the head with the soccer ball and causes his brain to bleed and the force sends him into the pole of the goal, cracking his skull and smashing his brain. He dies instantly from brain hemorrhage.
709 Mill-Tear-y January 21, 2009 Fort Supply, Oklahoma A group of woman hide behind military targets. They jump out from behind the targets and a group of soldiers shoot the woman to death with M16s. They all die from blood loss.
810 Choke-Late June 19, 2007 Hershey, PA A tourist takes a tour of a chocolate factory. She repeatedly verbally sexually harasses the male tour guide. When she tries to touch him, he reflexively spins around and knocks her off the catwalk into a vat of chocolate. The agitator in the vat knocks her out, and she drowns. (Based on death of Vincent Smith II)
493 Junk Tart August 22, 2008 Sandy Springs, Georgia A woman trespasses into a junk yard. A ramp breaks under a disabled cars weight and it slides down into the woman. The woman gets pinned against another car, dying from broken ribs and a punctured heart. She dies in seconds from blood loss.
288 Iron-y October 1, 2011 New York, NY A man robs another man of $50. He crosses a street and is coincidentally hit by the man he robbed in his car. The impact cracked his ribs, punctured his heart and severed his spinal cord. He dies instantly from blood loss and paralysis.
701 Cat Fight On A Cold Stoned Pavement September 8, 2007 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania A woman gets in a cat fight with another woman. The one who started the pointless fight retreats, but trips over her heels and falls and hits the pavement. The impact broke her ribs and punctured her heart, killing her instantly.