A hippie gets butted out, A wannabe gets staletowned, An old hag gets burned, A couple of construction workers get crushed, A drunk gets dunked, A mental Man who's for the birds, A baker gets panhandled.


Death # Event Name Date Of Death Location Circumstances of Death
684 Recycled (a.k.a Environ-Mental) November 17, 1992 Salem, OR A psycho hippie decides to make a homemade "water butt", while filling it with water (while standing on the top step of a ladder), a low-flying bird startles him, which makes him fall head-first into the water butt, causing him to drown, due to being unable to tip the water butt over.
328 Star-Studded (a.k.a Hollywood Squared) March 15, 2004 Hollywood, CA A wannabe celebrity pretends to be a famous broadway star. She loves her newfound attention until the papparazi start stalking her. While the paparazzi is chasing her, her stelleto heel breaks and she hits her skull against the sidewalk.
797 Candle-Estine Death (a.k.a Treed Off) December 24, 1971 Plymouth, MA An bitter old woman spends her christmas alone in her house. When she decides to light some candles in her Christmas tree, she bursts into flames.
106 Destroy, Build, Die (a.k.a Cleavland Steamroller) August 21, 2001 Las Vegas, NV A demolition crew using a steamroller with a broken emergency break traverses down a hill, crushing a man who killed his boss to death.
214 Foul Falls (a.k.a Three Strikes) June 22, 1969 Ontario, Canada A drunken baseball Player just fired from his job staggeres toward the Falls and decides to swim, falling down the falls and drowned.
71 Raptor's Delight (a.k.a Bird Brained) November 6, 2005 York, PA A mentally unstable man taking a stroll through his neighborhood into the wooded area to calm him down. A hawk sees a mouse and dives. The man walks in the path of the hawk. The hawk couldn't stop and the beak lodges through his head, through his parietal lobe, causing hemorrhaging and death.
901 Last But Not Yeast (a.k.a Panhandled) April 5, 2000 Providence, RI A Baker added too much yeast when making bread causing it to swell up. When she went to pull it out she slipped and fell onto the bread, (knocked unconscious by the pan) causing her to choke and suffocate simutaneously.

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