Let's see how good you are at math. A thief who is feeling horse. A gangster who gains weight. A druggie who pops the wrong pills. A director who gets direct-dead. A Japanese soldier who gets speared. An animal poacher who gets shot and a shopaholic who gets canceled. What? The next episode of 1000 Ways to Die.

Death # "Event" Name Date Location Circumstances of Death
365 V-Numb January, 18, 1997 Kansas

A woman stomps on a huge fire ant hill. She trips, falls, and gets knocked unconscious. Over 100 fire ants crawl onto and bite her all over the body. Despite fire ant venom being next-to-harmless, all 100 bites add up and kill the woman from the venom.

875 What Comes over the Catwalk Railings? June 9, 2006 Pittsburgh, PA A film maker yells at her staff back stage. A sand bag tied to a noose-shaped rope falls off the railing of a catwalk 20 feet above. The sand bag falls and the noose rope pulls up, goes around the film maker's neck, and pulls her 10 feet off the ground. The sand bag is heavy enough to lift her just out of her staffs reach but doesn't pull her over the catwalk railings. She is strangled in seconds.
543 C****-Tana April 9, 1943 Pelilu, Japan A Japanese banzai charger goes berserk and charges at an American soldier with a katana. The American soldier flips the banzai charger, and he falls on his own katana. The katana blade impales his stomach and kills him in a minute from bleeding out.
245 Die-reacted (a.k.a CUT! Your Dead) November 24, 2010 Sea Ford, DE A mean movie director works his actors hard. While showing them how a real actor does it he falls off the stage and breaks his neck.
889 Samurai-Die (a.k.a Spear You Spear You) January, 15, 1575 Japan A Japanese samurai leaves during a war. While running away, he is stabbed to death with a spear.
364 Dart-ed (a.k.a African't) January, 15, 2000 Africa An animal poacher is chasing an animal; meanwhile a tribesman is doing the same. The tribesman shoots an arrow filled with poison and accidentally hits the poacher and killing him instantly.
975 Ass-As-sin's Creed January, 15, 1999 New York A woman attempts to assassinate a don, but fails, and a fellow gangster saves the don. The woman is then shot point blank in the stomach with an Olympia shot gun. All 12 fragments blow and tear open her gut and she dies instantly from massive internal bleeding.

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