If you listen closely, you can hear these dumb buts go "derv" as they die. A man makes a bad fashion choice, an porn actress does snuff, a heroin addict sticks it, a woman phones it in, and what could go wrong with making a plaster mold of your junk?


Death # Event Name Date Of Death Location Circumstances of Death
813 Fart-Alec (aka Ass-implosion) September 19, 2002 Virginia State Penitentiary A death row inmate plans to "get back at the man" by eating only beans and broccoli one month before his execution. After being strapped into the electric chair and given a chance for one last comment, he tries to pass gas but is unable to. When the chair is activated, the electricity arcs through his intestines causing his pent-up gas to explode with a force of one-quarter stick of dynamite.
551 Micro Fail June 21, 2008 Cleveland, Ohio A "handyman" removes the broken door to his microwave oven, then defeats the safety system to allow it to work without the door. He tests it by cooking a frozen meal for one hour while sitting in front watching. His internal organs are severely burned and fail.
780 Die-11 (aka Phoning It In) July 21, 2009 Springfield, Missouri A woman calls her electric supplier during a thunderstorm to complain that she lost power in her house. A lightning bolt strikes a pole outside her house, traveling through the wiring and emerging out the telephone handset to electrocute the woman.
388 Hero-out (aka A Shot in The Arm) May 3, 2002 Atlanta, Georgia A heroin addict prepares a batch for injection. He is feeling the effects of withdrawal and misses the batch, filling his needle with air. After injecting himself, the air kills him by forming an air embolism in his heart.
687 F***ed Tape (aka A Sticky Situation) November 2, 2010 Trenton, New Jersey After losing a bar bet, a man is made to wear a shirt made out of duct tape for the weekend. He wasn't wearing an undershirt when the tape was applied, so when the "shirt" was removed, the tape ripped all the skin off his torso, He dies from blood loss and exposure.
299 Spy vs. Death March 15, 2002 Hollywood, California A pornographic actress gets to play a consort to the antagonist in an upcoming spy-action movie. Her outfit consists of a bikini and gold-colored powder makeup. The powder causes an strong allergic reaction requiring her to stay overnight in a hospital. When she returns, the producer already has a batch of gold latex body paint ready to replace the powder. During the long day of shooting, the paint inhibits her body's ability to regulate its temperature and she dies from heat stroke.
935 Plastered Caster April 3, 2005 Miami, Florida A man is attempting to make a plaster mold of his penis and falls asleep while waiting for the plaster to cure. Unaware the plaster gets as hot as 140 degrees F (60 C), he wakes up in severe pain and tries to remove the cast, only to end up yanking his penis off his body and bleed to death.

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