Death is a wonderful thing, right? If you agree, keep watching and see a racer who gets E-raced, a high school student who really needs to go to school more, a juvenile delinquent who gets pecked out, a scam artist who blows a gas set, a forest hiker who gets dog boned, a hair dresser gets toxic, and a man that died twice!

Death # "Event"Name Date Of Death Location Circumstances of Death
437 E-Raced (a.k.a Formula D-One) May 19, 1968 Fort Worth, Texas A formula one race driver died in a crash. Approaching a dangerous curve at high speed, a bird flew into his face causing him to lose control, and causing him to bleed to death.
924 Die School (a.k.a Locker Out) December 2, 2009 Montpelier, Vermont A high school student decides to become popular by taking dares, his specialty was smashing his head into lockers to open them; however, he cheats to get the money; this time, however, his head hits the next lockers handle, which caused a crack in his skull, and caused his skull to depress, and he dies instantly.
275 Bird Brained (a.k.a Animals Strike Back!) August 10, 2005 Queensland, Australia A boy who likes to torture animals, attacks a cassowary; however the cassowary hit back, knocking him down, and while on the ground, he was kicked a second time in the neck. Though the boy managed to get back on his feet and run away, he collapsed not so much after and died from the hemorrhage.
867 Passed Gas (a.k.a Gassed Out) September 19, 1986 Chernobyl, Ukraine A man who scams people in to fake shelters, killing them, and pocketing their money. One day he's out looking for more people to scam, when he gas mask comes loose, exposing him to a large dose of radiation; he then puts his mask back on, and get back to work; two weeks later, he is hospitalized, and two weeks after that, dies of acute radiation poisoning.
442 Wedged Out (a.k.a Tree Mugger) 153 B.C Greece A man came upon a tree-trunk split with wedges. Testing his strength, he tried to rend it with his bare hands. The wedges fell, trapping his hands in the tree making him unable to defend himself from a hungry wolves, which devoured him and mauled him to death.
637 Close but no Cigar (a.k.a Butt F***ed) November 26, 2001 Los Angeles, California A hair-dresser was killed when her car exploded after fumes, caused by chemicals mixing with hydrogen peroxide leaking from a bottle of hair bleach, ignited as she lit a cigarette by accident.
858 Tales From the Crypt (a.k.a Crypt Raider) July 24, 1932 Atlanta, Georgia A man is hit by a rock, which cracked his skull open, and is pronounced dead at the scene, but he is only knocked out; then, they buried him alive; he then wakes up to the sound of cracking, and the coffin then collapses on itself, crushing the man to death.

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