A world record breaker gets broke, a party host turns yellow, a director gets direct-dead, a carnies bites the dust, a criminal gets trashed, a wannabe ninja assassin himself, a workaholic falls down on the job.

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190 Burn, Baby Burn! (a.k.a Beard-dead) July 24, 1997 Flint, MI A man tries to grow the world's longest beard. While sleeping a fire starts. While trying to escape he trips on his 4 foot long beard and gets engulfed in flames.
293 (NOTE: This is second death to be given this number) Highlight-dead (a.k.a Yellow Belly) June 3, 2003 Springfield, IL A man gets drunk before going to a party. While at the party, he covers himself with highlighter ink. However, he has an allergic reaction to a chemical inside of the highlighter.
242 Jurassic Grass (a.k.a Dino Sore) September 1, 2006 [[Beaver Dam, Hollywood, CA A mean director builds two ton dinosaur robots to make his dinosaur movie more realistic. While yelling at his actors, he stomps on the ground. The stomping causes the T-Rex robot falls on him, crushing him to death.
163 Tram-poser (a.k.a Quit Lion!) March 10, 2005 Charlotte, NC A carnies attempts to kill his partner in a tramper act and make it look like an accident. He cuts the rope so it will break and his partner will fall. However, he cuts the wrong rope and when they preform he falls. The fall breaks his legs and he gets eaten alive by lions from the next act.
881 Trashed (a.k.a Junked) April 13, 2006 St. Charles, MD A Man commits a murder. he deciders to hide inside of a junkyard. while running he slams into a two ton pile of trash, which falls on top of him.
240 Ninja Owned (a.k.a Sure It Can) March 20, 1920 Fayetteville, West Virginia A man buys a shuriken at a flea market. He decides to become a ninja and uses it. While throwing it, it hits the wall and it bounces back and slices him by the throat, killing him instantly.
785 Business Tripped (a.k.a Trucked up) August 8, 2003 Bullhead City, AZ A woman gets tired of her workaholic husband and leaves him. Unfazed, he continues working. While working on a paper he has been working on for months with the window open, the paper flies out of the window. He foolishly tries to retrieve it but falls off the ledge. With his legs broken, he is hit by a passing truck, killing him instantly.

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