Death you will never see it coming. Like the 1920s baseball player who gets balled out, the race car driver who gets whip-lashed, the hair stylist who got semi killed, the jockey who gets trampled, the man who just wouldn't die, the Nazi ship crew that got blown up by their own missile, and the robber who gets hit by a blind driver.

Death # "Event" Name Date Location Circumstances of Death
200 You're Out! (a.k.a Foul Balled) May 17, 1927 Dublin, Ireland A baseball player cheats during a game. While at 3rd base a baseball hits him in the temple. He steals some, but collapses and dies a day later in the hospital.
164 E-Raced (a.k.a Chain Banged) July 30, 2002 Hollywood, CA A race car driver puts nitro in his car. However, he was ultimately decapitated when his car's drive chain snapped and whipped into the cockpit.
392 Hair Die (a.k.a Semi-Kill) April 24, 1989 England A mean British hairdresser was killed when her car exploded after fumes, caused by chemicals mixing with hydrogen peroxide leaking from a bottle of hair bleach, ignited as she lit a cigarette.
390 feeling horse (a.k.a lady and the trampled) March 16, 2001 Pittsburgh, PA a jockey has a heart attack while riding his horse. He falls off and is trampled by the other horses.
465 Third Dies The Charm! (a.k.a Bye-way) July 11, 2005 Houston, TX A a homeless man, was attempting to be murdered by five men in a plot to collect on life insurance policies they had purchased. After surviving multiple poisonings, intentional exposure, and being struck by a car, the hobo falls off a bridge and lands on the highway, he is then hit by a passing truck.
408 Nazi Smart (a.k.a Thorpe don't) September 17, 1940 under the ocean A group of Nazis attack a ship with a torpedo. However, the torpedo turns around and hits the Nazi ship, killing all the passengers.
397 Back to the Hood (a.k.a Glass Hole ) October 5, 2003 New York, New York A robber is hit by a car and is stuck in the back windshield. The driver is blind and cannot see him. The crash knocks the robber out and he died of injuries two hours later.

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