we have a mathematician who got divided, a drunk who is a barrel of fun, a robber who cant breathe, a bad actor who needs a hand, an annoying tourist, a flood of beer, and a group of people who get boomed.

Death # "Event" Name Date Location Circumstances of Death
689 Die-Ro-Foam 2012 Greece A woman with an addiction to seeing and creating replicas of male penis is thinking of an idea for a penis-art. She rests her chin on the end of her pencil as she sits and thinks. The 25 pound styro-foam penis that is being hung above the woman's desk falls due to a broken string and lands on her head. This causes her pencil to impale through her chin and she dies of massive amounts of pain and blood loss, but manages to die instantly from a cracked skull and crushed brain.
459 Pus Row Duh! June 3, 2003 Hollywood, CA A female nerd constantly plays a fantasy game. She finally goes out side and suffers an allergic reaction to the sun, not because the lack of exposure to the sun but because she never really was exposed to it in her whole life previously. She dies from anapylatic shock (anapylax).
388 Ameri-Can't September 1, 1999 Las Vegas, Nevada An american attempts to build an anti-Canada bomb. His grill falls over and steams the sensative part of his bomb, causing it to explode. The bomb leaves no remains of his body. The man dies instantly from his body being blown to microscopic bits.
578 Wood Chipped March 10, 2005 Pittsburgh, PA Some "Rednecks" shoot off guns. They all line up next to each other and shoot a wooden wall with machine guns. The men dies of blood loss from wood chips tearing and ripping up their bodies, slicing their jugular veins and carotid arteries, piercing their hearts, impaling their guts, killing them in seconds.
699 Who Let The Dogs (and the Other Animals) Out? April 9, 2001 Houston, TX A group of woman go to abuse animals like a scapegoats. They hold up the workers at a vet and hit the "Cage-Release" button. The cages open and a stampede of animals trample the woman to death. The woman dies from broken ribs, puncture hearts, cracked skulls, crushed brain, broken necks, severed spinal cords and broken bones. All of the woman were dead in seconds. However, the workers were unharmed and none of the animals fought each other to death (or at all).
38 Bash Can November 24, 1980 London,England

Two teenagers are doing dangerous stuff in the snow. One of the teenagers drive a truck while the other teenager riders a doughnut-float tied by a rope to the back-hitch of the truck. The truck-driving-teenager turns a curb and the doughnut-float-riding-teenager ends up swinging into a snow-covered sidewalk. The riding teenager then crashes into a 10-pound garbage can at 10 miles an hour, crushing his ribs, puncturing his heart, cracking his skull, smashing his brain, snapping his neck and cracking his spinal cord, killing him instantly from massive trauma.

141 Hunting Accident January, 15, 1919 Boston, MS An illegal hunter is attacked by a grizzly bear. In his haste, he accidentally shoots himself while trying to withdraw his handgun. The bullet fired from the handgun in his pocket and pierced his abdomen, killing him in seconds from massive internal bleeding.

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