Are you bored? Want to kill a half an hour? We can help with that! We got a pirate who took the wrong drink, a TV host who takes the fall for his contestants, a real life prince charming, a drunk man who looks for ghosts, a technology thief who gets blown away, a shopper who gets canceled, and a law maker who loved his gifts until they killed him.

Death # "Event" Name Date Location Circumstances of Death
689 Shang-Died (a.k.a Pirated) July 24, 1867 Dublin, Ireland A pirate goes to a bar. He killed The bartender's father years ago. As a revenge, the bartender fills his whiskey with carbohydrate and he dies a few minutes later.
459 Exercise (a.k.a Balls to the Wall) June 3, 2003 Hollywood, CA A man runs an exercise show on a roof. Tired of the overweight contestants, he shows them how to work with a large exercise ball. When the fat man tries, the ball pops. Flying towards the instructor, the ball knocks him off the building.
388 Over Heist (a.k.a Rocked Out) September 1, 1670 England A man tries to climb a tower to secretly see his wife whose father won't let him see. While climbing up the rope, it breaks and he falls to his death.
578 A Ghastly Problem (a.k.a BOO! Your Dead) March 10, 2005 Pittsburgh, PA

A drunk ghost hunter enters a haunted house. His friend tries to scare him out. He scares his friend who dies from a heart attack. Being scared, he runs but slams into a wall, hitting him by the wall that causes the armor to fall on him.

699 Winded (a.k.a Your Biggest Fan) April 9, 2001 Houston, TX A robber tries to break into a NASA area. However, he enters a room with a giant fan. The fan's wind pushes against a wall at 50 MPH.
38 Shop Till You Drop (a.k.a Black Out Friday) November 24, 2009 Hyattsville, MD A shopper pushes people aside on black Friday to get in before anyone else. While exiting the store, she trips and is trampled to death by hundreds of people.
141 Cloak And Dagger (a.k.a Law Broke) 630 B.C Athens, Greece An Athenian law-maker, was smothered to death by gifts of cloaks showered upon him by appreciative citizens at a theater on Angina.

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