Here is why You aren't watching a different show. Do they have a disco queen who takes a slip? How about a priest who double crosses himself? Maybe a drunk man ho plays super hero? Does another show have a border patrols man, an electrician, a miner, or a Russian gangster? I thought not!


Death # Event Name Date Of Death Location Circumstances of Death
799 Dead As Disco (a.k.a Glass Hole) January 21, 1972 Ft. Worth, TX A disco dancer dances at a club on a glass stage. She falls and lands on the glass. Since the glass was very thin, she breaks through it and gets stabbed to death in the face with a glass.
456 Cross Died (a.k.a Bible-kill) March, 28, 1999 Tulsa, Oklahoma A phony priest buys a large cross. While preforming, he slips and falls on its tip. The cross stabs through his neck, killing him instantly.
328 Super Zero 2 (a.k.a glide-dead) May 31, 2010 Erie, Pennsylvania A drunk man buys a hang glider. While on a cliff, he spots a robber. He tries to fly towards the robber to catch him, but falls into the ocean below him. The fall knocks him out and he drowns.
222 Jeepers Creepers (a.k.a Off Roading) June 8, 2009 Arizona Border A man chases illegal aliens at the border in a jeep. He finds one and gets out of his jeep to chase him. However, the jeep slowly rolls down the hill and crushes him to death.
104 Kill-Owatt (a.k.a Shocking isn't It?) August 12, 1993 Chicago, IL A clumsy ex cop tries to fix his house's power by tazering it. However, the box explodes, sending a bunch of metal shards onto his face, killing him instantly.
944 Die-ner (a.k.a Stop Cart) March 14, 1920 Brookville, Ohio A miner while riding his cart, gets stuck because a large rock blocked his way. He moves the rock and gets back in. He then rolls down the track not knowing that there is a large gap in front of him and he falls down into the pit.
674 White Russian (a.k.a Mos Cow) November 22, 2000 Moscow, Russia A Russian gangster chases a man. His weapon of choice is a large hunting dagger/knife. While running, he slips on the icy floor and accidentally stabs himself in the heart by his own weapon, killing him instantly.

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