Lets play a game! What happens when you cross a drunk trucker who gets trucked up, a race car driver who can't take the heat, a whack-o science teacher who gets boned, a nerd who gets his revenge, a crazy inventor who's new invention is a killer, a prankster who sees the light, and a phony man who gets eye sore? Did you guess yet? That's right! It's the next episode of 1000 ways to die!

Death # "Event" Name Date Location Circumstances of Death
689 Shoo-ting Range July 24, 1997 Avalon, GA A murderer gone shooter is shooting various amounts of weapons in his back yard. He fires a RPG rocket at an old car. The rocket blows up the car, sending two pieces of shrapnel into his forehead and heart. He dies of blood loss and brain hemorrhage.
459 Highway To Hell June 3, 2003 Daytona, FL A ex-religious teenager quits being Jewish and parties for a weak straight. He does drugs, has sex, commits crimes and drinks. He falls from overdose and breaks his rib and the side walk, puncturing his heart. He dies of blood loss.
388 Gang-st-er September 1, 2006 Hollywood, CA A gangster holds up everyone at a party with a gun. He gets shot in the shoulder and fell on the ground. A grandfather clock falls over and lands on him. His ribs break, puncturing his heart and killing him from blood loss.
856 Bugged Out (a.k.a Spider Man) March 10, 2005 Jacksonville, FL A nerd attempts to get revenge on a bully by letting a spider loose in his room. The spider bites the nerd and he dies three days later from the venom.
395 Catapult-dead (a.k.a Die High) April 9, 1735 Dublin, Ireland A drunk man makes a catapult. He foolishly gets on top of it to fasten it down, but the rope snaps and he is sent flying at 80 miles an hour towards a brick wall. The crash breaks his leg, neck, back, skull, and arms.
133 Loser Beam (a.k.a Shined) March 20, 2011 Colombo, Sri Lanka A man uses a laser pointer To get cars to crash. On one of these attempts, the light hits a mirror and hits the man's eyes. Blinded by it, he falls out the three story building.
484 Laser Die Surgery (a.k.a Seen the Light) August 8, 2003 Cheyenne, WY A man attempts to get laser eye surgery and make the doctor fail so he can sue the hospital. However, the doctor falls and the laser stabs the patient in the eye.

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