Want to see a dead body? We have seven of them. We have two daredevil wannabes, a spoiled brat who makes a shocking discovery, a tornado chaser who chases the wrong tornado, a criminal who's escape gets rocky, a teenager prankster who's not cut out for the job, a drunk who falls for a train, and a bragging Christmas light winner who gets hung.

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345 You tubed (a.k.a Tree to get ready) July 21, 2006 Flint, MI A group of people who love posting stunt videos on YouTube attempt to use a flooded street as a runway while one is in an inner tube and the other pulls him with a car. The tuber goes off course and crashes into a tree going 60 miles an hour.
559 Reenact-Dead (a.k.a Lanced) June 26, 2001 London two snobbish teenagers who love reenacting old middle ages jousts joust in the rain. When the match is over the winner holds his lance in the air, which acts like a lightning rod, and electrocuted him.
256 Twister - Story of A Dumb ass (a.k.a tornado) October,1, 2008 Somewhere In Kansas A tornado hunter chases a tornado in a van. However, he gets too close and is sucked into the tornado. The van is then flung into the air. When it lands the car explodes.
347 Prison Break (Your Skull) (a.k.a Prison Broke) March 10, 1947 Alcatraz, CA A prisoner attempts to break out of prison by diving into the water on the island and swimming to freedom. However, while diving headfirst, he lands on a rock and gets knocked out. He then drowns.
865 Reaped (a.k.a Sliced) October, 31, 2006 St. Charles, MD A man dresses up as the grim reaper to scare kids away out of candies. To be realistic, he had a friend make a real one. While scaring away random people, he trips and gets stabbed to death by his own scythe.
168 Last train to Deaths Vile (a.k.a Trained) March 20, 2005 Lafayette Vile, West Virginia A drunk man takes a train to avoid a DUI. While waiting for the train, he falls on the tracks, and gets crushed to death by the train as it drives by.
493 Slip N' Died (a.k.a Christ missed It) December, 30 , 2003 Bullhead City, AZ A man who always wins a Christmas lighting contest brags to his neighbors while taking down decorations. While doing so, he slips and is hung by the light's cord.

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