In life, you get many decisions. The following idiots chose wrong. We got a Japanese soldier who blows himself up, a real life super hero who is really a super zero, a drunk who needs to read more, two soldiers who catches the wrong ball, a king with a nose for trouble, a drunk warlord who becomes nosy, and a Nazi who follows the leader. Don't be like them. Make the right choice and watch the next episode of 1000 ways to die!

Death # "Event" Name Date Location Circumstances of Death
689 Sat-chel Charge (a.k.a Sword-dead affair) April 6th, 1954 Nevada, Las Vegas A house wife is cooking, and is boiling water in a pot. She slips and lands on the stove with her face in the pot. The boiling water melts her face off, heats her skull and melts her brain. She dies in seconds.
459 Flat Man Death begins in June, 24 2004 Death ends in June, 26 2004 Death begins in an unknown island Death ends in Orlando, Florida A black market seller is going to an island to collect rare and protected animals, including bugs. He is bitten by a rare spider. The type of spider that bit him had a neurotic toxin that causes change in personality, but is not fatal. Two days later, he gets back to America and begins turning into a different person. He claims to be a person named "Cat man" and uses a curtain and a cape. He jumps through a closed window and falls 20 feet to his death. He dies when he jumps through the closed window, embedding glass into his body, lands on the ground, breaking his neck and shattering his skull and brain, the impact also pushes the embedded glass further into his body causing blood loss. He dies of blood loss, brain hemorrhage and a broken neck.
388 Die-library February 22, 2006 New York An obnoxious New Yorker gets drunk and goes to a library. The librarian calls the cops on the man for being disturbing. The cops then chases the man, but the man slips, slides, and crashes into a book shelf. The book shelf tilts, sending 500 pounds of books onto the man. He survives, but the 300 pound shelf falls onto the man, fatally crushing the man. The books breaks his bones and then the shelf breaks vital bones, he dies of massive trauma.
578 Dy'in Apple Grenade June, 25, 1970 Vietnam Two Vietnamese soldiers are guarding a building. They hear and see a "pineapple" falls from a tree. One of the soldiers picks it up, realizes that it was actually a pineapple grenade, and before he can throw it away, it explodes. The pineapple grenade explodes, blowing up the two Vietnamese soldiers. They die of shrapnel and severed limbs and blown off their heads.
699 EEE!!!-Egyptian

Death begins in 813 Death ends in 823

799 Maul-otov Cocktail November 24, 2011 Ohio, US A crazy ex-girlfriend attempts to burn her ex-boyfriends house down with a Molotov cocktail. She fills a bottle with gasoline, puts a rag in it and lights it on fire. She backs up to throw it, but trips over the gasoline canister she used to fill the bottle and she drops the Molotov cocktail on herself. The Molotov cocktail shatters, burning the woman to death.
299 Adolf Hit-leer (a.k.a Die-indie) April 24, 2009 Washington, D.C. A couple of Neo-Nazis go to assassinate the host of a "African American Rights" convention. They drive by and attempt to shoot the host. The shooter misses, and the bullet misses the host. The drive attempts to drive away with the gunner but they crash. They crash so hard the car explodes, killing both Neo-Nazis instantly.

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