Hey you. Want to see an ice hole get frosted? How about a PE teacher who strikes out? A thrill seeker who rams into a tree, a record breaker, a robber, a stalker, and a firework maker die? You're in luck!

Death # "Event" Name Date Location Circumstances of Death
689 Polar Ass Capped (a.k.a Ice Hole) July 24, 1997 Antarctica A hunter tries to hunt a polar bear. He fails and gets chased by the polar bear. While running across a frozen lake, he falls in and freezes to death.
459 Ball Sacked (a.k.a You're Out!) June 3, 2003 Daytona, FL A PE teacher who hates his students uses a high powered pitching machine to help his team practice. His student misses the ball and the teacher attempts to show him how to do it. He hits the ball, but it bounces off a wall going 30 miles an hour and hits his head, killing him instantly.
388 Fruits Of the Doom (a.k.a Tree to get ready) September 1, 2006 Honolulu, HI A man swings on a tire swing in Hawaii. He slams into a tree, and 5 coconuts fall on his head, fracturing his skull, killing him instantly.
856 The Last Straw (a.k.a Straw Drop) March 10, 2005 New York, NY A record breaker who can fit 30 straws tied together in his mouth at once. He shows his friends that he can do it. One of the straws comes loose, and falls down his throat and he chokes on it.
395 Any Maniac (a.k.a Feeling Sword) April 9, 2001 Tokyo, Japan A man obsessed with Japanese anime attempts to try using a sword. He slips and the sword falls out the window and kills a robber below him.
133 U.P.S***! (a.k.a Return to Sender) March 20, 2011 Watts Vile, MD A stalker attempts to get into someone's house by mailing himself there. While in the back of the truck, she falls off the back of it, and rolls along the road.
484 Red, White, And Blew (a.k.a M Deity) August 8, 2003 Cheyenne, WY A man makes his own fireworks. While making one he tests it out, however, he is unaware that there is a roof above him. When the rocket goes up, the explosion kills him.

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