Death # Event Name Date Place Circumstances of Death
68 Flash On, Flash Offed August 3, 2000 New York, New York A well-known porn star takes part in a publicity stunt in which she walks a tight rope between two skyscrapers while scantily dressed. While she is doing this, a combination of amateur photographers and professional paparazzi show up to photograph her with high-powered flash bulb cameras. The flashes hamper her eyesight, causing the porn star to lose her balance and fall to her death.
193 Stop Stitchin' January 19, 1936 Chicago, Illinois During the Prohibition era, a man is arrested for bootlegging. In an attempt to avoid jail time, he informs the arresting officers of another bootlegging operation that is in full swing and linked to gangster/kingpin Al Capone. Instead of jail, the cops take the snitch to an old warehouse where Al Capone greets them. The cops were corrupt and had been bribed to work for Capone. Capone then sews the captive snitch¿s lips shut before slitting his throat and leaving him in an alley as a cautionary tale to other would-be informants
350 Hooked, Lined, and Sunk-Her July 30, 2007 San Fransisco, California A popular 6'9 model/fitness instructor (based on Mikayla Miles) decides to host a photo shoot at the beach to promote her newly opened gym. Due to her height she draws a lot of attention from the men, causing them to be distracted from their current activities (i.e. surfing, fishing, etc.). One such fisherman is so distracted that he fails to watch where he was casting; when he reaches back to cast out, he sends his fishing line flying in the model's direction that the model is standing. His fishing line strikes her between the eyes, fracturing her skull; his line entangles her neck, strangling her; and his hook designed to catch swordfish, sharks, and other large specimens rips off the woman's carotid, killing her instantly.
778 Bear-Foot in the Park September 12, 1976 Glacier National Park, Montana A group of co-eds are on a camping trip. One of them is particularly lazy and refuses to help set up the camp. As a prank her camp mates decide to scare her by pouring maple syrup on her bare feet while she sleeps so that a small animal (preferably a squirrel or chipmunk) will startle her awake by licking it off. Sometime later, the other co-eds do indeed wake up to their friend's screams, only to realize to their horror that a grizzly bear has appeared, dragged the girl into the brush, and is now eating her alive.
81 My Secret Crush October 15, 1990 Tulsa, Oklahoma A high school nerd falls for a popular, but snobbish cheerleader, who has a habit of harshly berating anyone she thinks is a geek. Once she learns of his crush, however, she goes out of her to avoid him. One day, she sees him coming toward her during a school dance in the gym and tries to ditch him by hiding under the bleachers. When the bleachers are closed to make more room for the dance floor, she doesn¿t make it out in time and is crushed to death.
509 Environmentalized April 30, 1973 Flores Islands A tourist on a nature hike makes a nuisance of himself by racially berating the native guides, sexually harassing the female hikers in his group, and scaring the members of his group by falsely screaming for help while shaking the bushes and then popping out to scare his would-be rescuers. Eventually, he wanders off to relieve himself and finds himself butt to face with a Komodo dragon, which promptly bites off a chunk of flesh. The man runs for his life but eventually dies due to blood loss and the numerous necrotizing bacteria infesting the dragon¿s mouth. No one looks for him at first because of his earlier behavior and by the time the guides do find his remains, all that is left of him are his shredded, blood-stained clothes.

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