A JROTC goes dead; a sex lover goes stiff. A exerciser wears himself; a pool girl gets sucked off; a toxic lady spreads a disease; a pagan gets shelled; an aircraft flight goes wrong


Death #Event NameDate Of DeathLocationCircumstances of Death
224 Air Forced (a.k.a JROTCDead) February 12, 2004 Milton, Massachusetts An Air Force JROTC cadet was found inexplicably mutilated laying on the front lawn of a home. It was later determined that the teen had hidden in the wheel well of a commercial airliner which took off from Charlotte, North Carolina and fell over 2000 feet as it lowered its wheels for landing in Boston.
173 Came Un-Done June 30, 1993 San Jose, California A man bet two women that he could continuously have sex with them both for twelve hours. Several minutes after winning the $4,300 bet, he suffered a heart attack and died, apparently due to having ingested an entire bottle of Viagra just after accepting the bet.
549 Exert-Died (a.k.a Exer-Offed) April 8, 2008 Chambers, Nebraska A elderly man died of heart failure after his wife exercised him to death in a public swimming pool. His wife was seen on video tape pulling the man around the pool and preventing him from getting out of the water 43 times.
843 Sucked Offed (a.k.a Crack Piped) December 1, 2000

Saitama, Japan

A girl died when she was sucked 10 meters down the intake pipe of a current pool at a water park. The grille that was meant to cover the inlet came off, yet lifeguards at the pool at the time deemed it safe after issuing a verbal warning to swimmers.
304 The Toxic Lady July 4, 1989 King man, Arizona A woman develops a serious, and rare disease. Before she died, her caregivers claimed that the woman's body mysteriously emitted toxic fumes that made several emergency room workers very ill, she then died due to complications.
13 Pagan-I zed (a.k.a Shelled) 412. A.D Greece

A pagan philosopher, was murdered by a Christian mobs by having her skin ripped off with sharp sea-shells; what remained of her was burned.

658 Air-Pained October 14, 2009 Columbia, South Carolina A professional golfer and five others died when the airplane they were on lost cabin pressure in-flight, leading to fatal asphyxia. The aircraft continued on auto-pilot for several hours, carrying the deceased passengers several hundred miles off course before running out of fuel and crashing.