Welcome, TV people! Today we have the following deaths for your sadistic minds: A worker from Japan gets blown, then we have a phone head who forgot to charge, after that there is the lifeless internet troll who loses his "life", then we have an Iranian who goes down, then there is a daredevil who fails, and last but not least, the rich jerk who loses his money, and his life... now shut up, and enjoy the death!
Death # "Event" Name Date Location Circumstances of Death
412 Nuclear Meltdown (a.k.a Japanned) August 6, 1945 Hiroshima, Japan A man who never wants to miss any day of his work, goes to work on the day of the Hiroshima bombing, at 8:10 A.M. He noticed that his wife had left him to hide from the bombing (Which he had no idea about), at 8:15 A.M. He was too late and Hiroshima was bombed. And the man is dust in the wind the first few seconds the bomb hits Hiroshima.
823 Phone Boned (AKA:Battery Dead) April 14, 2009 Gary, Indiana A cell phone addict who texts up to seven times a day ends up getting dumped by her boyfriend, she gets so mad that she threw her phone at a wall, the cell phone explodes upon impact. And a piece of the cell phone flies at her and cuts her eye, she dies seconds later.
187 Come At Me Bro (Cause I Am Dead!) (AKA:Trolled) March 31, 2010 Bristol, Tennessee A rude and annoying internet troll who lives in his mothers basement trolls every thread he sees about stuff he does not like. And he lives off of pizza, soda, and chips. His poor and unhealthy diet gives him a sudden heart attack, which was fatal.
221 Exploding Fever (AKA: Iran Out of Blood) July 4, 2006 Tehran, Iran (Death happens in New York, New York) A dumb Iranian man who dislikes anything that has to do with America makes a bomb and goes on a boat to America and decides to cause mayhem in New York with his bomb, and makes his bomb look like a soccer ball, when he enters, there are a bunch of people with sparklers, he accidentally walks into someone with a sparkler, the bomb gets lit. And the Iranian had no idea at what was going on, the bomb explodes and kills the Iranian man.
980 Daring Life Gets You Death (a.k.a Alligator Mayhem) November 29, 1996 Somewhere in Australia A male daredevil decides to video tape himself killing alligators so he might get his own TV show; he tries to attack a baby alligator, but the mother of the baby alligator finds the daredevil and bites part of the man's head off, killing him in just a second.
20 Richie Rich (AKA: Money Makes His World Stop) June 19, 2002 London, UK A rich British man thinks the world is out to get his money and kill him, so he arms his home with many traps, he then invites his friends from college over to discuss about their lives, when they open the door they almost step on a trap, the rich man runs in and screams at them not to step on the floor. He accidentally steps on the trap and a trap door with acid at the bottom opens, the man falls in and engulfs tons of acid and dies before it can reduce his body to nothing.

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