A kinky guy gets vibrated; a stupid dude gets stuffed; a guy gets trapped and wenches; a sauna turns into a death trap; a lawyer gets shot to death by a gun; a musician gets eye capped; happy birthday turns sad when she dies, happy death day!


Death # Event Name Date Of Death Location Circumstances of Death

Assassinated (a.k.a Anus Out)

November 3, 2003

Augusta, Maine Armed with a 20 inch long vibrator, a woman had had enough of her husband's strange sex practices and one night during a prolonged period of "fun"; she snapped, pushing all 20 inches of the vibrator into his anus until it ruptured several internal organs and caused severe bleeding.
46 Snow Froze May 19, 1625 Greece A man was watching a snowstorm and was struck by the wondrous notion that maybe snow could be used to preserve meat in the same way that salt was used. Determined to find out, he purchased a chicken from a nearby village, killed it, and then, standing outside in the snow, attempted to stuff the chicken full of snow to freeze it. The chicken never froze, but the man did.
412 Cabin-Hated (a.k.a War'd Robed) June 22, 1999 Carson City, Nevada A man died after being trapped inside a cupboard for a week. A wardrobe in the bedroom outside had fallen over, trapping him inside. In an effort to free himself, the man accidentally wrenched a water pipe from the wall and the water gushing from the pipe eventually caused his death from bronchitis. His body wasn't discovered until two weeks later.

Scary Sauna (a.k.a Champion'd)

January 15, 2010 Helsinki, Finland A competitor from Russia died in The World Sauna Championships in Finland, after he had spent 6 minutes in a sauna that had been heated up to 110C (230F). The other finalist, a 5-time champion, was taken to the hospital after suffering from serious burns on his body.
100 Happy Death Day! May 11, 2000 Austin, Texas

A 99 year old woman was killed as she crossed the road. She was to turn 100 the next day, but crossing the road with her daughter to go to her own birthday party her wheel chair was hit by the truck delivering her birthday cake.

210 Re-Enact-Dead (a.k.a Feeling Guilty?) August 30, 1934 Washington D.C. A lawyer died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound suffered in court while representing the defendant in a murder case. Demonstrating how the murder victim could have inadvertently shot himself, the gun, which the lawyer believed to be unloaded, discharged and mortally wounded him.
499 Can't You See He's Dead? (a.k.a Yee-Haw! He's dead!) September 2, 2004 New York, New York A musician died when he choked on an eye drop bottle cap in his room. He would routinely place the cap in his mouth, lean back, and place his eye drops in each eye. His lack of gag response may have been due to the effects of drugs and alcohol abuse, and it is highly likely that he was high when the cap ended up in his throat as drugs and alcohol were found in his room and inside his body.