Are you bored? Got nothing to do? then take a look at this: We have a magician who nails his next gig, a convict who meets his biggest fan, a worker who thinks be bad ass-id, a terrorist who crushes the competition, a pervert who takes a fall, a druggie who buys drugs... form a spy... and an actor who needs a hand.

Death # Event Name Date Of Death Location Circumstances of Death
600 Bed of Fails (a.k.a Abra-Cadaver) August 8, 2007 Las Vegas, NV A talent less magician (who is actually a scam artist in disguise) attempts to draw a crowd by lying on a bed of nails in the middle of town square. He was successful until a cyclist runs into him, he loses his balance, and falls onto the bed of nails, getting impaled all over his body.
711 Di-Shoveled (a.k.a Ass of Spades) June 24, 1996 Greeley, CO A racist ditch digger does work in a street to repair a water main. While doing so, he hits the main, sending the tip of the spade into the pipe. He looks at it when it blasts out with the force of the water, sending it into his eye, lodging itself in his brain causing hemorrhaging.
880 Duke of Hazards (a.k.a Chemi-Killed) August 9, 2001 London, England A selfish duke gets banished from the castle and forced to work at a chemical plant after he was caught running an illegal checking scam. While he was working one day, he tripped and fell into a septic tank full of toxic chemicals, he then inhales the sewage and it corrodes his intestines.
79 Tanked Up (a.k.a Bulldozed) January 2, 1996 Iraq A spy for the Iraqi army hides out with the US Army to find out details of their plans. The unit gets called to a battle. In the chaos, the Iraqi spy gets knocked down, and gets run over by a tank.
499 Pervert Out (a.k.a Wanked) July 18, 2008 Trenton, NJ A pervert who uses a telescope and leans his head out the window to look over at the building next to his, where a stripper lives. On this day, one of the legs on the step-stool the pervert was standing on broke, causing him to fall out of the third-story window and land face first on his telescope, impaling his head, and busting his brains onto the cement.
324 Drugged Up (a.k.a Weed Whacked) April 19, 2007 Chicago, IL A man buys drugs off of a government spy. Little does the druggie know the weed is tampered, and will knock him unconscious after one smoke. He then smokes the entire bag, and dies of a drug overdose.
836 Top Crowed (a.k.a Bruised Lee) October 20, 2003 Los Angeles, CA An actor was shot and killed by a prop gun during the making of the movie. In a prior scene a revolver was fired using a cartridge with only a primer and a bullet, but the primer provided enough force to push the round out of the cartridge into the barrel of the revolver, where it stuck. This time it was reloaded with a blank cartridge that contained propellant and a primer. When a fellow actor used the gun, the squib load was fired into him.