If life was a hotel, the following dummies checked out....for good. Like the rocker who got rocked out, a Nazi scientist who gets a crushing blow, A sailor who gets his head rung, a man who gets a head, a hunter who shoots and hits himself, a hair dresser who is a real blast, and a vet who feels a little horse. They checked out and you're checking in to the next episode of 1000 ways to die.

Death # "Event" Name Date Location Circumstances of Death
685 Smashing Dumb Kinds (a.k.a Green Die) April 2, 1996 Atlanta, Georgia A rock and roller attends a battle of the bands. When he loses, he smashes his guitar on the ground in a rage. The guitar breaks and a large piece of wood from it flies into his chest, killing him instantly.
455 Dying Tits (a.k.a Crashed Out) June 20, 1938 New Orleans, LA A scientist makes weapons for the Nazis during World War 2. While making a bomb it goes off. He survives, but dies when the building collapses on top of him, killing him instantly.
384 Coco Nuts! (a.k.a One, Two, Tree) February 18, 1986 A Desert Island A sailor gets lost while sailing. He finds an island and stays there. While there he tries to shake down a coconut from a tree. The coconut falls on his head, cracking his skull, killing him instantly.
574 Yanking My chain (a.k.a What A Drag) June 21, 1984 Pittsburgh, PA A man decides to cut down a tree. Instead of chopping it, he ties one end of a chain to a tree and the other to a truck. While tying the chain to the tree, he falls and gets the chain wrapped around his neck. When the truck drives away the chain, decapitates him.
695 Recoiled (a.k.a Elk Evaded) April 5, 2001 Orlando, FL An extreme hunter gets drunk and kills a protected animals. However, the bullet goes through the animal, recoils off his truck, and hits the hunter, killing him instantly.
996 Hair Die (a.k.a Gassed Out) November 20, 1947 New York, NY An obnoxious hair dresser gets into her car with newly bought supplies. When she starts her car, it explodes due to leaking hair spray.
137 Kick Balled (a.k.a Shoe Fly) September 21, 1991 Ocala, FL A phony vet helps a horse at his office. However, the horse kicks back and knocks the vet backwards. He hits an oxygen tank which releases it into the room. The horse runs away and kicks the door, slamming it. The slam causes a spark which causes an explosion.

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