This is a special episode dedicated to a died-hard fanatic... to all our died-hard fanatics.


Death # Event Name Date Place Circumstances of Death
2 Died-Hard Fanatic April 15, 2010 Syracuse, New York A young man, know to be epileptic and a "spas," is having his latest recording of 1000 Ways to Die converted to digital for his fan site. His excitement over the latest episode triggers an abnormally violent grand mall seizure that disrupts his heartbeat and breathing before spasms cause him to snap his neck.
132 C-Sharp or B-Flat (aka Piano Concerto in Major Pain) August 2, 1931 New York City Piano movers are trying to lift a baby-grand up to a fifth-floor apartment using a rooftop rig normally used by window cleaners. A old crank begins ranting at the movers until the rope snaps. The crank looks up in time to see the piano land on his head, crushing him.
201 Myth-flustered October 3, 2003 San Francisco, California While attempting to show if cell phones cause fires at gas stations, a special-effects expert performs a small-scale test with a small cube filled with gasoline vapors. He ignites the vapors, but the explosion creates a fireball that he inhales, burning his lungs, and an eyebrow.
455 Pyrrhic Pressure 276 BC Argos, Greece Famed warrior Pyrrhic of Epicurus is known for his victories despite heavy losses. While fighting in Argos, his is hit by a roofing tile thrown by an old woman. He is stunned, which allowed an arrive soldier to kill him.
99 Enlightenment (aka Burning for Justice) July 22, 2002 Islamabad, Afghanistan A Buddhist monk blocks the entrance to a mosque run by a Muslim warlord who had been terrorizing his shrine. The monk had doused himself with gasoline while the Muslims were gathering for morning prayer. When the warlord shows up, the monk strikes a match and drops it in his lap, setting himself on fire. The warlord tried to stop the monk but starts burning himself, screaming in agony while the monk remained silent. As the mosque burns down, the Muslims pray to the monk as a martyr.
584 Mortar-fiend February 11, 2007 Istanbul, Turkey A riot breaks loose over a murdered teenager in the streets. Riot police arrive to corral the crowd but one of the rioters brings a cannon from his grandfather. He goes to light it but get's bumped by a patron, causing his arm to be stuck in the chamber. He pulls it out in time but is decapitated by the cannonball.
933 Bored Stiff (aka Bored of Education) October 18, 2007 Campaign, IL

A history professor drones on about the Great Depression, causing several students to fall asleep. One young man's heartbeat and breathing slows down dramatically until they stop completely. Nobody notices until after class when the other students try to wake him.

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