If you want to see the happy endings, then grab the freaking remote and change the freaking channel. However, if you want to see deaths, deaths, and more death, then stay here and enjoy the freaking show. A drunk man who drinks too fast, a drug dealer who doesn't have fun at a park, a teen who gets bounced, a hater who's going to hate how he dies, a hustler who loses, a show off who takes the fall, and a drunken people who goes flying.

Death # "Event" Name Date Location Circumstances of Death
579 Tooth-d*** (a.k.a Alcohol-Licked) April 6th, 1999 Nevada, Las Vegas A drunk man keeps drinking martinis and eating the olive. while downing one martini he accidentally swallows the toothpick, which stabs his stomach.
964 Own-bot (a.k.a Mechanized Mayhem) June 23, 2011 San Francisco, California A theme park owner buys a large robot and a rocket ride. A drug dealer hides in the rocket. When the rocket ride starts, the ride breaks and the rocket is launched. When the drug dealer lands, he lands on the spiked antenna of the robot, which stabs his stomach, killing him instantly.
764 Pole Position (a.k.a Bounced) February 22, 2005 New York A teenager tries to use a fake I.D to get into a club. The bouncer notices and tells him to leave. When he wont, he is push ditto a large pole. His skull cracks and he dies instantly.

Pinkie Die (a.k.a Friendship is Tragic)

June, 25, 2011 Los Angeles, California A man hates ponies. He goes to a convention for ponies in an unicorn costume so he can humiliate them. In a drunken state, he climbs on the stage. While yelling, he falls down, his head piece comes off, and he is impaled by the horn of the unicorn costume.
695 King dumb Darts (a.k.a De-dart Dead) May 15, 1856

Death begins in 813 Death ends in 823

Egypt A man hustles people out of money. While throwing a dart, he misses and goes after it. While picking it up he gets stabbed by it and dies of an infection days later.
754 High Die-ve (a.k.a Board to death) November 24, 2011 Ohio, US A man shows off and does a high dive. A nerd tries the same thing and fails. When the show off shows him how to do it, the diving board breaks and he falls. He lands on the concrete ground, killing him instantly.
294 Tilt a Hurl (a.k.a Tilted) April 24, 2009 Washington, D.C. A drunk man goes on a tilt a whirl. He is too drunk to put on his seat belt and is flung off.

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