Cya-cide, Way to Die #214, is the first death to be featured in "Those Who Have Fallen...Stupidly". The name is a pun on the word cyanide and the word suicide, as technically, this guy brought it onto himself.

Plot Edit

Date: July 28, 2016

Location: New Orleans, LA

Thomas Jones is a huge druggie, if you name a drug, he's probably taken it. On this day, he meets up with a drug dealer who sells him some heroin. Or, at least, Thomas thinks it's heroin. We don't know if it was a mix-up or on purpose (murder), but the dealer actually sold Thomas some cyanide. Thomas drove home, took the "heroin" and then called his friend. During the call, he mentioned that he felt bad, having stomach pain and being dizzy, but thought it was just the heroin's side effects and shook it off. He died two hours after ingesting the cyanide.

Interviewees Edit

Dan Sharpman - Friend of Jones

Jay Kitzdef - Poison Specialist