Alright, You dumb butts, here's you're daily dose of death. We have a racist cowboy who got the point, well, everybody with the exception of the hunter and music store owner gets the point. It's a point-impalement bonanza!

Death # "Event" Name Date Location Circumstances of Death
689 Ditch Dork April 6, 1999 Texas, US A racist modern day cowboy goes to an American cowboy restaurant. He sits at a table under a pitch fork decoration. He shoots off a random bullet from his magnum. It ricochets off a metal plate and hits the wall supporting the pitch fork decoration. The pitch fork falls on the cowboy, one of the spikes impales his right jugular vein and carotid artery, the second one cracked his skull and entered his brain, and the third one impaled his heart, killing him instantly from brain hemorrhage and bleeding.
459 Sore Fish 2003 New Orleans, LA A bossy and racist fisher goes to a sea food restaurant. He sits at a table next to a sword fish "decoration". He gets up and trips. He crashes into the wall and the sword fish falls off the wall and impales his chest. He dies instantly from cardiac arrhythmia and bleeding from a punctured heart.
388 Cut-ana 2005 Tokyo, Japan A mean and bossy stereotypical-Japanese man goes to a Japanese restaurant. Displeased with his food, he hurls a shuriken at the wall. This causes the ropes holding a shelf to be severed, sending down a katana, which impales the man's heart. He dies instantly from bleeding.
578 Hockey Stuck

June 9, 1993

Pittsburgh, PA A prejudice American who hates Canada goes to a bar. Furious to admit that Canada is better than America at hockey, he puts a hockey stick up on the bar wall as a decoration. He gets mad after watching Canada win the Stanley cup over America, and throws his beer bottle at the wall. The impact cause the hockey stick to fall and whack him. He dies instantly from a broken neck and cracked skull, bashing his brain.
699 Rival April 9, 1926 Houston, TX An illegal law-breaking hunter gets out of jail and turns his house into a bar. Due to a lack of room, the hunter stumbles into a wall. A bolt action rifle falls off the wall but doesn't hit him. Instead, it hits the floor with enough forced to go off. The bullet severs a major vein/blood vessel in his leg. He dies a minute later from blood loss and bleeding out.
139 M.L.G: Majorly Lazy Geek November 24, 2010 Sea Ford, DE An obsessive gamer plays his video game nonstop for 3 days. His consoles cooling fan emitted hot air into his enclosed spaced and poorly ventilated bedroom, raising his core temperature to over 110 F, sending him into heatstroke, dying of hypothermia.
141 Cut-Ar January, 15, 1975 Boston, MS A woman also a sexist turns her music store into a music store restaurant. She stumbles due to loud music and crashes into a wall. The combination of music frequency and the impact cause a guitar to fall of the wall and land on the woman. She dies instantly from a cracked skull, crushed brain, broken neck and severed spinal cord.

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