Bowling Skin, Way to Die #423, is the second death to be featured in "Those Who Have Fallen...Stupidly". The name is a pun on the words bowling pin and the word skin, if that wasn't obvious enough.

Plot Edit

Date: February 19, 2015

Location: Dublin, GA

A group of young teenagers (aged 12-13) went to a bowling alley one day. Being young teenagers, they didn't just BOWL, they also did some other stuff. One of those kids, Will Young, and another, Steve Anton, were fooling around along with all the others. Steve told Will to catch a bowling ball, and Will did, but the ball wouldn't come off his hand. Apparently, someone put superglue or something like that on the bowling ball prior to the teens coming, so the ball stuck onto Young's hand. All of the teens freaked out, and tried to get it off. After a few minutes, it did. But...the sticky substance was so strong that it took a chunk of his hand with it. The boys WERE INCREDIBLY SCARED, and tried to hide it as they didn't want to get in trouble (yep, definitely 12-year-olds) and tried to fix it, but their knowledge of medical things was futile, as they thought they had patched it up real good, but Young died from blood loss a few hours later.

Interviewees Edit

Joe Nasbro - Dermatologist/Blood Flow Expert

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